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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Mathematics



Student Awards

Eleanor L. Campbell Memorial Award in Mathematics

The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding female undergraduates majoring in mathematics at the University of Denver and shall be given to an outstanding female senior at the University graduating with a degree in mathematics.

2018 Valerie Yen
2017 Samantha Brooker
2016 Madeline Doering
2015 Aurora Simoneau
2014 Rebecca Conrad
2013 Nanzhi Tang
2012 Di Wei
2011 Kathryn Palma
2010 Jocelyn Nguyen
2009 Abby Johnson
2008 Teresa Alvarado


Herbert J. Greenberg Award For Outstanding Achievements in Mathematics

This award was established by the Mathematics Department to recognize top students graduating with a degree in mathematics, in honor of Herbert J. Greenberg, founder of the Mathematics and the Computer Science Departments and long time chair of the department.

2018 Samantha Brooker
2017 David Chan
2016 Zachary Adams
2015 Rebecca Conrad
2014 Stephen Kordonowy
2013 Kenneth D. Macneal
2012 Sion Ledbetter
2011 Anar Amgalan
2010 Nathan McNew
2009 William Reynolds
2008 Skyler Braden
2007 Ashley Brewer
2006 Denis Lapitski
2005 Jacob Harper
2004 Cy Holladay
2003 Thomas Gieck
Derek Moulton
2002 Tracey Shaw
Jennifer Proal
Thomas Gieck


GTA Excellence In Teaching Award

2018 Adam Purcilly
2017 Lauren Nielsen
2016 D. Wesley Fussner
2015 Thomas French
2014 Drew Ash
2013 Timothy Trujillo
2012 Mark Greer