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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Mathematics



Student-Only Seminar

The student only seminar is organized by graduate students, for (graduate) students. Nevertheless, faculty are welcome to attend.


May 22 Danielle Larcomb, My job search
May 8 Lauren Nelsen, Rainbow spanning trees in graphs
May 1 Gavin St. John, Residuated Frames and Models
Apr 17 Adam Purcilly, Routing Numbers of Graphs
Apr 10 George Herrmann, The Gromov-Hausdorff Distance and Convergence of Metric Spaces
Apr 3 Ryan DeMuse, Turbo Codes and Interleaver Permutation Displacement
Mar 8 Wesley Fussner, Raymond Smullyan: Puzzle master and mathematician
Mar 1 Alex Stevens, An Introduction to Game Theory
Feb 22 Hwajin Park, An Introduction to Topological Quantum Field Theories
Feb 15 Jordan Hall, Integral Equations
Feb 8 Robert Dukes, Topological Dynamics of Piecewise Lambda-Affine Maps
Feb 1 Dylan Magnani, Undergraduate Math Research at UW-Eau Claire
Jan 25 Kirk Boyer, A Math Story and a Lemma
Jan 18 Konrad Aguilar, A metric on the ideal space of C*-algebras
Jan 11 Dan Graybill, Thrown into Siteswaps
Nov 9 Lauren Nelsen, Counting with LEGOs
Nov 2 Masoumah Al Ali, Vertex algebras and O(n)-orbifold of H(n)
Oct 26 Ryan Demuse, Julia Sets and the Mandelbrot Set
Oct 19 Wesley Fussner, Remarks on Stone Duality
Oct 12 Terry Easlick, An Exploration in Epistemic Logic
Oct 5 George Herrmann, Grad School and Mental Health
Sep 28 Dennis Pace, Turing machines and computable numbers
Sep 21 Danielle Larcomb, Random Graphs
Sep 14 Gavin St. John, An apology for intuitionism


May 18 Luke Nelsen, Developments Regarding Steinberg's Conjecture
May 4 Ryan DeMuse, Finite Difference Calculus
Apr 27 Tyler East, Full Lambek Algebras
Apr 20 Gavin St. John, Who can name the biggest number?
Apr 6 Lauren Nelsen, Enumeration by integration
Mar 30 Kirk Boyer, Protecting Points in the Plane
Mar 2 Tiffani Sedorovitz, Paraconsistent Logic and Inconsistent Models of Arithmetic
Feb 24 Terry Easlick, Fields and Meadows, but No Green Pastures
Feb 17 Dan Graybill, The Inside Out World of a Blind Mathematician
Feb 10 Tyler East, Heyting Algebras
Feb 3 Adam Purcilly, Dice Pairs and their Probabilities
Jan 27 Ryan DeMuse, Wallis' Product and the Basel Problem
Jan 20 George Herrmann, Grad School and Mental Health
Jan 13 Danielle Larcomb, Intro to Voting Theory and Power Indices
Nov 11 Lauren Nelsen, The color-blind index of graphs
Nov 4 Dennis Pace, Introduction to Computability
Oct 28 Drew Ash,The Academic Job Application: What I WIsh I Would Have Known
Oct 21 Masoumah Al-Ali, Vertex Algebra
Oct 14 Konrad Aguilar,Introduction to C*-algebras
Oct 7 George Herrmann, A Tour of Noncommutative Metric Geometry
Sep 30 Thomas French, What is Dynamics?
Sep 23 Wesley Fussner, A Survey of Lattice-Ordered Structures
Sep 16 Gavin St. John, Motivations for the Study of Structural Rules and Non-Classical Logics


May 21 Tiffani Sedorovitz, Countability and the Natural Numbers in Intuitionistic Set Theory
May 14 Thomas French, Arrow's and May's Theorems: What is a Fair Election?
Apr 30 Dan Graybill, An Informal Introduction to a Galois Connection
Apr 23 Drew Ash, Infinitude of Primes via topology, and an overview of my research
Apr 16 Lauren Irby, A Quick Look at the Contributions of Women in Mathematics
Feb 25 Kirk Boyer, Some Spectral Graph Theory, Expander Graphs, and Ramanujan Graphs
Feb 18 Rob Dukes, A Survey of Math Problems in Chess
Feb 11 Gavin St. John, "Three clouds may cover the plane"
Feb 4 Riquelmi Cardona, Varieties of Heyting Algebras and Superintuitionistic logics
Jan 28 Dan Graybill, Examples of and Introduction to Siteswap
Jan 21 George Herrmann, The Stone-von Neumann Theorem and Heisenberg groups
Nov 5 Ben Larkin, Mathematical structures as representations of physical systems
Oct 29 Thomas French, Beta-shifts and expansions
Oct 22 Wesley Fussner, What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do: Remarks on Reasoning with Imperfect Information
Oct 15 Adam Purcilly, Disjunctive Rado Numbers for Two Equations of Different Forms
Oct 8 Dennis Pace, Ergodic Theory and Normal Numbers
Oct 1 Drew Ash, Kakutani-Rokhlin Towers in Dynamical Systems
Sept 24 Konrad Aguilar, Unital Commutative C* -Algebras


Apr 30 George Herrmann, Moving from Multivariable Calculus toward de Rham Cohomology
Apr 23 Gavin St. John, (Topo)logical Compactness
Apr 16 Konrad Aguilar, The Gromov-Hausdorff Distance
Apr 9 Ben Larkin, Overview of encryption
Apr 2 Riquelmi Cardona, Introduction to Computability Theory
Mar 6 Thomas French, Realization of Entropies in 1-D Symbolic Systems
Feb 20 Wesley Fussner, The Zariski Topology
Feb 13 George Herrmann, The Stone-Weierstrass Theorem, pt. 2
Feb 6 Drew Ash, Bratteli Diagrams and Dynamical Systems
Jan 30 Timothy Trujillo, Topological Ramsey Spaces Generated by Trees on omega
Jan 23 Riquelmi Cardona, Introduction to proof theory
Nov 4 Robbie Tabuchi, Chaotic Dynamics in Complex Systems and an Exploration of the Famous Mandelbrot Set
Oct 28 Konrad Aguilar, An Irrational Rotation Algebra
Oct 18 Lauren Morey, A new proof of an integral formula for counting perfect matchings in graphs
Oct 11 Kirk Boyer, Sensor Networks and Barrier Resilience
Oct 6 Wesley Fussner, Modal Logic as Applied Mathematics
Sept 30 Gabriel Giron, Toeplitz Transformation and Stolz Theorem
Sept 23 Gavin St. John, On formally undecidable propositions of Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory


Feb 1 Stephen Molinari, Two Proofs in Graph Theory
Nov 16 Riquelmi Cardona, Residuated Lattices II
Nov 9 Riquelmi Cardona, Residuated Lattices I
Nov 2 Drew Ash, Topological Dynamics II
Oct 26 Drew Ash, Topological Dynamics I
Oct 12 Stephanie Botsford, Fourier Analysis III
Oct 5 Stephanie Botsford, Fourier Analysis II
Sept 28 Stephanie Botsford, Fourier Analysis I
Sept 21 Mark Greer, Groups and Loops


May 22 William Sandifer, Fermat’s Last Theorem
May 16 Stephen Molinari, The Genus of K5
Apr 18 Mark Greer, Constructing Simple Right Conjugacy Closed Loops
Apr 11 Riquelmi Cardona, Algebraic Logic II
Feb 29 Riquelmi Cardona, Algebraic Logic I
Feb 15 Konrad Aguilar, Pricing call options under the Binomial Model
Feb 1 Thomas French, Voting criteria and the methods which satisfy them
Jan 25 Mark Greer, Hall and Sylow theory for commutative automorphic loops
Nov 1 Tim Trujillo, A difficulty in the concept of Social Welfare
Oct 25 Stephen Molinari, Ramsey Theory
Oct 17 Jenya Kirshtein, Multiplication groups and inner mapping groups of Cayley Dickson loops
Oct 11 Jimmy Thorne, Introduction to Riemann Stieltjes Integrals
Oct 4 George Herrmann, The basics of Continuum Theory
Sept 27 Drew Ash, Kneading Theory
Sept 20 Mark Greer, A construction of commutative automorphic loops


Mar 24 Gabriel Giron-Garnica, Dynkin's pi-lambda theorem
Feb 24 Riquelmi Cardona, On widest empty wedges
Nov 2 Kyle Pula, Complete mappings of finite Moufang loops
Oct 26 Tim Trujillo, Ultrafilter mappings and their Dedekind cuts II
Oct 19 Tim Trujillo, Ultrafilter mappings and their Dedekind cuts I
Oct 12 Mark Greer, A close look at groups with triality II
Oct 5 Mark Greer, A close look at groups with triality I


May 27 Pete Stetser, Polynomial cocycles
May 20 Jenya Kirshtein, Cayley-Dickson loops and their automorphism groups
May 13 Mark Greer, Constructions on dissociative loops
May 6 Riquelmi Cardona, Representing a natural number as a sum of two squares
May 6 Brett Werner, Strong orbit qquivalence and residuality
Apr 22 Dave Lofte, Intro to the road coloring problem
Apr 15 Jonathan Von Stroh, Lifting module maps over different non-commutative domains
Apr 1 Jenya Kirshtein, Cayley-Dickson loops


Jan 28 Kyle Pula, Waring's Problem and Hilbert's Solution
Jan 21 Dan Daly, Counting Parentheses
Nov 11 Annette Locke, A subspace of the infinite Hagler Tree which is isomorphic to c_0
Nov 4 Jonathan Von Stroh, Fock Spaces and the Commutant Lifting Theorem II
Oct 28 Jonathan Von Stroh, Fock Spaces and the Commutant Lifting Theorem I
Oct 14 Brett Werner, Substitution Systems as Bratteli Diagrams II
Oct 7 Brett Werner, Substitution Systems as Bratteli Diagrams I
Sep 23 Kyle Pula, A Probabilistic Approach to Latin Transversals
Sep 16 Dan Daly, The Bruhat Order for Coxeter Groups II
Sep 9 Dan Daly, The Bruhat Order for Coxeter Groups I


May 19 Jenya Kirshtein, Quadratic Reciprocity
May 5 Allegra Reiber, "Simple" Geometric Topology: Simple Homotopy Equivalence and the S-Cobordism Theorem
Apr 28 Kyle Pula, Generalizations of Transversals and K-Plexes of Latin Squares
Apr 21 Jonathan Von Stroh, Fock Spaces and the Von Neumann Inequality II
Apr 14 Jonathan Von Stroh, Fock Spaces and the Von Neumann Inequality I
Apr 7 Annette Locke, James' Quasi-Reflexive Space II
Mar 31 Annette Locke, James' Quasi-Reflexive Space I
Feb 25 Brett Werner, Kakutani Equivalence in Minimal Cantor Systems II
Feb 18 Dan Daly, A Nice Result on Generating Functions II
Feb 11 Dan Daly, A Nice Result on Generating Functions I
Feb 4 Aditya Nagrath, Scattered Lattices
Jan 28 Jonathan Von Stroh, Elliptic Curves, Primality and Cryptography II
Jan 14 Jonathan Von Stroh, Elliptic Curves, Primality and Cryptography I
Nov 5 Allegra Reiber, Manifolds and Modules I
Oct 15 Kyle Pula, Latin Squares and the Hall-Paige Conjecture
Oct 1 Dan Daly, Stack-Sortable Permutations
Sep 24 Annette Locke, Hagler Trees
Sep 17 Jonathan Von Stroh, An Introduction to Elliptic Curves


Jul 11 Dan Daly, The Representation Theory of the Symmetric Group
Jul 3 Kyle Pula, Jordan Loops
May 15 Kyle Pula, An Extremal Edge-Coloring Problem
May 8 Brett Werner, Dimension Groups of Substitution Systems
Apr 24 Ryan Adragna, The Sylow Theorems
Apr 17 Annette Locke, l_2 is Complemented in James' Space
Apr 10 Dan Daly, Permutations, Bruhat Order and Coxeter Groups II
Apr 3 Dan Daly, Permutations, Bruhat Order, and Coxeter Groups I
Feb 21 Brett Werner, Minimal Cantor Systems to Bratteli Diagrams
Jan 24 Kyle Pula, Gallai Graphs
Nov 16 Aditya Nagrath, Frames in Priestley's Duality II
Nov 2 Bryce Hammond, A Short Proof of Chvátal's Watchman Theorem
Oct 26 Ryan Adragna, Probability and Tennis
Oct 19 Brett Werner, Minimal Cantor Systems and Bratteli Diagrams
Oct 12 Dan Daly, Permutations and Young Tableaux
Oct 5 Annette Locke, Filters in Analysis and Topology
Sep 28 Kyle Pula, Gallai Graphs
Sep 21 Aditya Nagrath, Frames in Priestley's Duality I


May 16 Kyle Pula, Edge Colorings of Complete Graphs Having Certain Properties
May 9 Annette Locke, A Proof That Every Banach Space is Subreflexive
May 2 Jonathan Von Stroh, An Introduction to Berlekamp's Algorithm II
Apr 25 Jonathan Von Stroh, An Introduction to Berlekamp's Algorithm I
Apr 4 Aditya Nagrath, The Power of the Rings of Continuous Functions II
Mar 6 Brett Werner, Entropy of Shifts of Finite Type II
Feb 27 Brett Werner, Entropy of Shifts of Finite Type I
Feb 6 Dan Daly, Pattern Avoidance
Jan 30 Annette Locke, Boundedly Complete and Shrinking Bases
Jan 23 Aditya Nagrath, The Power of the Rings of Continuous Functions I
Jan 16 Kyle Pula, Covering Radius of Sets of Permutations