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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Physics & Astronomy

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Faculty & Staff

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Robert Amme, Research Professor, condensed matter physics | Physics 215 | (303) 871-3852 | [email protected]
Research Interest: Granular particle physics and the compaction of granular materials. 

Davor Balzar, Associate Professor and Chair, condensed matter physics | Physics 210 | (303) 871-2137 |  [email protected]
Research Interest: Studies of materials' properties by diffraction methods. Research Site

Maria Mercedes Calbi, Associate Professor, condensed matter physics | Physics 104 | (303) 871-3547 | [email protected]
Research Interest: Computational method to study surface physics, especially focused on adsorption processes. Research Site

Sophia Cisneros, Assistant Teaching Professor | Physics 106 | (303) 871-3455 | [email protected]
Research Interest: Study of general relativity symmetry techniques in the case of galaxy dynamics, especially focused on the flat-rotation curve problem in spiral galaxies.

Xin Fan, Assistant Professor, condensed matter physics | Physics 307 | (303) 871-2783 | [email protected]
Research Interest: Spintronics and Magnetic properties of nano-scale materials. Research Site

Kingshuk Ghosh, Associate Professor, biophysics | Physics 307 | (303) 871-4866 | [email protected]
Research Interest: Theoretical and computation models to understand physical biology: protein folding, gene networks and evolution. Research Site

Jennifer L. Hoffman, Associate Professor, astrophysics | Physics 209 | (303) 871-2268 | [email protected]
Research Interest: Massive binary stars, circumstellar material, core-collapse supernovae, spectropolarimetry, polarized radiative transfer modeling. Research Site

Steven Iona, Teaching Professor | Physics 206 | (303) 871-2873 | [email protected]
Research Interest: Teacher preparation and student conceptual development specifically of physics topics.

Dinah Loerke, Associate Professor, biophysics | Physics 304 | (303) 871-3506 | [email protected]
Research Interest: Quantitative biophysical approaches to experimental cell biology. Research Site

Jonathan Ormes, Research Professor, astrophysics | Physics 206 | (303) 871-3552 | [email protected]
Research Interest: High energy astrophysics including cosmic rays and gamma ray astronomy and, more recently, physics of climate.

Mark Siemens, Associate Professor, condensed matter physics | Physics 113 | 303-871-3541 |  [email protected]

Research Interest: Using light-matter interactions to control and measure electron and phonon transport in nanostructures. Research Site

Robert Stencel, Professor and Womble Chair, astrophysics | Physics 409 | (303) 871-2135 | [email protected]
Research Interest: Stellar evolution and infrared instrumentation. Research Site

Toshiya Ueta, Associate Professor, astrophysics | Physics 407 | (303) 871-3523 | [email protected]
Research Interest: Observational Astronomy (multi-wavelength from optical, near/mid/far-IR, sub-mm to radio), Stellar Evolution (Late Type Stars: AGB stars, Proto-Planetary Nebulae, Planetary Nebulae), Stellar Mass Loss, Circumstellar Shells, Circumstellar-Interstellar Interactions, Astronomical Dust, and Radiative Transfer Modeling.  Research Site

Barry Zink, Professor, condensed matter physics | Physics 404 | (303) 871-3025 | [email protected]
Research Interest: Uses micro- and nanofabrication techniques to control and measure the thermal, magnetic and electronic properties of systems to study the fundamental physics of new materials and apply this knowledge for new technologies. Research Site


Peter Hallam, Laboratory Manager | Physics 204 | (303) 871-4346 | [email protected]

Faun Lee, Assistant to Chair | Physics 211 | (303) 871-2238 |[email protected]

Affiliated Faculty 

Aleksej Mialitsin, Adjunct Professor | [email protected]

Ron Mickle, Adjunct Professor | [email protected]

Emeritus Faculty

Ronald Blatherwick, Associate Research Professor Emeritus

Aharon Goldman, Professor Emeritus

Herschel Neumann, Professor Emeritus

John Olson, Associate Research Professor Emeritus

Alwyn van der Merwe, Professor Emeritus

Bert Van Zyl, Research Professor Emeritus

W. John Williams, Research Professor Emeritus