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NSM Faculty Committee

It is the responsibility of the Faculty Committee to examine, report, and recommend action on all matters bearing upon policy and activities of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

  1. It shall meet with the Dean once a quarter and it shall keep the Faculty informed of its work.
  2. It shall act for the Faculty when time constraints prevent the Faculty from taking action. Its action may be directed by a majority vote of the Faculty.
  3. It may call Faculty meetings when necessary. The Chair of the Faculty Committee shall preside over all faculty meetings.
  4. At the Dean's request, it shall select recipients of some of the grants and awards that are managed through the Dean's Office.
  5. It shall review and approve funding for proposals submitted by the Faculty for long and short-term Marsico Visiting Scholars.
  6. It may review proposals for new policies by other committees and, if requested by the committees, put them on the agenda of the next Faculty meeting.
  7. It shall review all proposals for new curricula and degrees from departments and all other proposals for significant curricular changes and, if requested, put them on the agenda of the next Faculty meeting.
  8. It shall keep records for a minimum of three years of its actions and record the disposition of any formal recommendations. Minority reports may be recorded if requested by any committee member.

Membership (term expires in May of year indicated):

Jing Li, Geography (2016); Alex Huffman, Chemistry and Biochemistry (2017); Dan Linseman, Biological Sciences (2016); Nic Ormes, Mathematics (2016); Kings Ghosh, Physics and Astronomy (2015)

Committee website:

Tenure and Promotion Committee

The NSM Tenure and Promotion Committee provides recommendations to the Dean in all matters related to the review of faculty applying for tenure and promotion.

  1. Each department shall elect one member from among its tenured Faculty; this member shall not be the department chair. Term of appointment is three years; no member may serve more than two consecutive terms.
  2. The Committee shall establish procedures designed to ensure that all departments provide the Dean and the Committee with approximately uniform information pertaining to persons considered for tenure and/or promotion.
  3. The Committee shall set a deadline for receipt of departmental recommendations with supporting documentation.
  4. The Committee shall consider departmental recommendations concerning tenure and/or promotion and vote approval or disapproval of these recommendations. A statement shall be provided to the Dean stating the basis for the judgment, and the Dean shall forward the statement to the Provost. Committee members may choose to append a minority report as well.
  5. The Committee may request additional information and interview candidates, departmental chairs, and members of Departmental Tenure and Promotion Committees.
  6. The Committee shall be in charge of recommending changes to the Procedural Guidelines for Tenure and Promotion.

Membership (term expires in May of year indicated):

Anna Sher, Biological Sciences (2014); Keith Miller, Chemistry and Biochemistry (2014); Mike Kerwin, Geography (2016); Mike Kinyon, Mathematics (2016); Robert Stencel, Physics and Astronomy (2014)

University Committee Representation

NSM Faculty Representation on University Committees. For elected positions, terms expire in May of the year indicated.

Advanced Seminar Committee: Anna Sher, Jennifer Hoffman; Center for Teaching and Learning Faculty Advisory Board: Nancy SasakiFaculty Review Committee: J. Michael Daniels; First-Year Seminar Committee: Thomas Quinn, Balasingam Murugaverl; Graduate Council: James Fogleman; Honors Council: Nick Galatos, Don Sullivan; International Council: Matthew Taylor, Nancy Sasaki; Partners in Scholarship Committee: Dan Linseman, Helen Hazen; Public Good Committee: Jennifer Hoffman; Undergraduate Council: Bob Dores, Keith Miller; Faculty Athletic Committee: Matthew Taylor

High Performance Computing Users Group

The HPC Users Group is charged with providing recommendations to the Dean in matters related to the use of the NSM High Performance Computing facility.


Andrei Kutateladze, Chemistry and Biochemistry Guido Vacano, ERI Becky Powell, Geography Michael Kinyon, Mathematics Frédéric Latrémolière, Mathematics Jennifer Hoffman, Physics and Astronomy Sean Shaheen, Physics and Astronomy Toshiya Ueta, Physics and Astronomy (Chair) Mike Keables, NSM ( Ex-Officio)