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Natural Sciences & Mathematics


PSM Degree in Biomedical Sciences

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Natural Sciences & Mathematics

PSM Degree in Biomedical Sciences/Advising


The Program Director serves as the academic advisor for this degree.  Students may come from a variety of undergraduate degree programs.  Thus, students will have individual academic strengths as well as areas with which they are not as familiar.  The director will work with the student to identify areas of study to focus depending on their past coursework and their future career goals.

The Biomedical Sciences program provides graduates with strong technical aptitude, professional competencies, interdisciplinary attitudes, globally-oriented prospective, and maturity.

  • Rigorous academic training and professional practical skills in order to prepare students for challenging careers in the biomedical sciences and allied health sciences
  • Strong scientific knowledge and global-awareness, ethics, communication and other important professional skills through acquiring knowledge within and across disciplines at DU  
  • Opportunity to gain knowledge of the many issues, concerns, and future directions of allied health and biomedical sciences industries
  • One-year completion timeline