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Natural Sciences & Mathematics


PSM Degree in Biomedical Sciences

Come visit and learn about the Professional Science Master's program in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Denver. To set up a visit, contact Dr. Nancy Lorenzon at [email protected]

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

PSM Degree in Biomedical Sciences

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The Professional Science Master's (PSM) program in Biomedical Sciences offers rigorous academic training and professional practical skills to prepare students for challenging careers in the biomedical and health sciences. Through advanced coursework in the natural sciences and complementary coursework in the humanities and social sciences, students gain in-depth scientific knowledge and a strong foundation in ethics, leadership, communication and global awareness. Furthermore, the students will gain awareness of the many issues, concerns, and future directions of health and biomedical sciences fields.

This multi- and inter-disciplinary program is designed to be very individualized with one-on-one advising to customize the curriculum and capstone internship in order to complement and expand on the student's past academics and experiences and to prepare them for their future career goals. The student is matched with a capstone mentor whose professional expertise aligns with the student's future career goals.. The overall goal of the capstone experience is for the student to gain advanced disciplinary knowledge and professional skills by applying the appropriate modes of inquiry, research and professional skills to address a specific current problem or concern in the biomedical sciences.

The PSM program emphasizes active communication with an external Advisory Board to ensure that the curriculum and capstone experiences are relevant and beneficial to both students and the bioscience and healthcare industries. The advisory board, comprised of leaders in biomedical research, biotechnology, clinical healthcare, health institutions and hospital administration, provides input regarding the academic knowledge and skill set and professional competencies most sought by employers and graduate programs in biomedical fields. This Master's program is recognized and approved as an affiliated PSM program with the National Professional Science Association.

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what your year will include... 

  • 25 credit hours of core courses
  • 20 credit hours of electives
  • Capstone Project completed under the guidance of an outside Mentor

Recent Capstone Projects


Check out "Building a Better Knee" - featuring Yashar Behnam, 2017 University of Denver PSM graduate.

"I learned concepts from designing medical devices, to getting them approved by the FDA. Executing studies contracted by biomedical companies and writing journal articles for surgeons to present in national and international conferences."

"Every class during the program forced us to apply our knowledge learned rather than just regurgitate it."

"My capstone research portion of the program was a great introduction to graduate level research while also providing me a unique insight into the medical field."

"I enjoyed getting to interact with a company that is involved in research outside of the academic sector since this is all I had exposure to before the program. I enjoyed being able to talk to people who worked in all aspects of the research from data collection to analysis to patient interaction to the business dealings. It opens your eyes to how much is involved beyond lab work."

"I was able to choose the courses that I wanted which helped me better my knowledge of subjects that I felt I was lacking in."