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Ombuds Office

University of Denver

Ombuds Office

Conflict Resolution Month 2015

Throughout October, learn how faculty, staff and students at the University of Denver contribute to constructive engagement and peaceful conflict resolution.

How do you contribute to constructive engagement and conflict resolution? Let us know here.

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Looking for someone who will listen to you and who will help resolve problems fairly?

The Ombuds is a confidential and informal resource to help people navigate the University. The Ombuds Office at the University of Denver provides assistance to faculty, staff, students and others having a problem with or within the University of Denver.

Some examples of the type of concerns received by the Ombuds Office include but are not limited to:

  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Disagreement over grades
  • Working conditions
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Clarification of policies or procedures, and
  • Conflict resolution training

If you are not sure whether the Ombuds Office can be of assistance, just ask.