Executive Board Biographies

President - Cameron Lewis
Class: Junior
Major: Journalism and Sociology

About Cameron: I am thrilled to be the President of BSA this year. I have been fortunate enough to serve on the leadership team of BSA for the last two years with some of my closest friends, and equally important, some of the hardest working and most inspirational people I have ever encountered in my life. It has been my honor to witness the growth of our organization, which is founded upon the precious friendships and desire to build community that we find in our amazing members. I am humbled to be in this position, and truly believe that our organization is one of a kind.

Fun Fact: He LOVES Serena Williams and X-Men



Vice President - Faven Habte
Class: Senior
Major: Biochemistry

About Faven: I chose to be a part of BSA because it connects students to campus and provides a network of people who genuinely care about each other and understand the unique position of being a black student at the University of Denver.

Fun Fact: English was not my first language and I am DEADLY afraid of fish (especially gold fish).



First-Year Outreach - Virginia (Ginny) Woodfork
Class: Senior
Major: Political Science and Public Policy with a minor in International Studies

About Virginia: I want to connect first-year students to an organization on campus that will help them adjust to college life and succeed in and out of the classroom.

Fun Fact: I can lick my elbow even though it is supposed to be physically impossible.




Historian - Danielle Nelson
Class: Senior
Major: Journalism, Minior: French

About Danielle: I wanted to be part of the E-board because I like feeling a connection with members of an organization and structuring an organization to the members wants and needs. I also want to make BSA more well-known through the rest of the DU community, such as Greek Life, Athletics, etc.

Fun Fact: “Men of Honor” is about my great uncle, Carl Brashear.




Interclub Liaison - Jasmine Kincaid
Class: Senior
Major: Psychology and Socioligy

About Jamine: I have been a member since freshmen year and I felt it was time for me to take on the role of a leader and give back to an organization that has given me so much.

Fun Fact: I can sing the National Anthem with my mouth closed!




First-Year Liason - Jordan Lewis

Info: N/A




Treasurer - Nancy P. Nguyen
Class: Sophomore
Major: International Business

About Nancy: I wanted to become an active participator within the black student alliance and contribute more of my time for this organization's success.

Fun Fact: I have 16 nieces and nephews.

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