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Following is a list of wonderful Internet resources for all things French-related:

University of Denver Elementary French
This is the web site for DU's 1000-level French program.

Multimedia Language Lab at DU
This is the home page for the language lab at the University of Denver.

Radio France Internationale
Here is an excellent resource for 24-hour French radio--mostly news and commentary--to help comprehension skills.

About the French Language
This site is a wonderful directory of other resources on the web, and it is maintained by a real human being!

Alliance Francaise de Denver
The Alliance Francaise is a great Denver-based organization for French classes and related social events.

Altavista.com provides this on-line language translator. Although it isn't totally reliable, it can help out with basic phrases and serve as a simple dictionary.

How to Set Up a French Keyboard (PC)
Provided by About.com, this shows you how to set up your keyboard to function as a French keyboard--very handy if you get tired of going to the character map in Windows all the time.

French Keyboard Map
This page provides the basic layout for French keyboards--useful if you have installed a French keyboard option on your PC

French Verb Conjugation Reference
The University of Texas Austin has provided this wonderful directory of several verbs with multiple verb conjugations.

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