Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) Mission Statement

The Vietnamese Student Association is an organization dedicated to increasing cultural awareness and diversity on campus and in the community. We continue to strive to create a supportive and cooperative community for those of Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese descent. Through numerous activities focusing on the celebration and exposure of Vietnamese culture, VSA hopes to provide the necessary interaction between those of different backgrounds to build cross-cultural bridges and foster acceptance and awareness. A dynamic and open organization, VSA prides itself on its diverse and unified membership, and persistent dedication to decreasing cultural tension on campus.

VSA’s Goal

Our goal/purpose is to promote and preserve the Vietnamese culture, uniting those with shared interest in Vietnamese culture regardless of race, sex, gender, ethnic group, political aspirations, or sexual preference. Moreover, our goal is to spread diversity on campus and engage other students to participate in cultural activities with us. Also, we aim to have charity events to raise money for our organization to host cultural events as well as support other organizations. We strive to broaden the base of our support, expand ability to do more, bigger projects, and gain corporate sponsors.

VSA Constitution

Event Planning Guidelines

Student Organization Handbook - For reference on planning events as a student organization at the University of Denver.