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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

the grant lifecycle, mount evans observatory

Managing An Award

Award Renewals

During the course of a sponsored project or program the PI may find it necessary to continue beyond the awarded period of performance.  


A renewal is the sponsor’s authorization for additional funding, scope, and extension to an existing sponsored award. Requests should be prepared by the PI and Department and routed to ORSP as a renewal proposal.   Renewal funding sometimes arrives as a modification to the original sponsored award number. When a full renewal proposal is submitted, it is referred to as a Competitive Renewal and is subject to peer review.

Non-Competitive Renewals

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has more specific language on renewals. NIH awards continuing year-to-year are non-competitive renewals, where funding is based on NIH’s determination as to whether to provide funding for the budget period subsequent to that covered by the submitted progress report.

NIH considers any subsequent year of funding after the first authorized award year as a non-competitive renewal. This simply means that continued funding is contingent upon NIH approval of progress made on the research as reported in the Non-Competing Continuation Progress Report.