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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Research Integrity & Education

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As concerns about COVID-19 heighten, the Office of Research Integrity & Education (ORIE) is responding and implementing procedural changes to protect University of Denver investigators, research participants, and the on-going research projects that are conducted in our labs. The IRB, IACUC, and IBC continue to accept and process submissions while being observant to enforce the current COVID-19 restrictions that apply. ORIE is working closely with the Provost Office and Sponsored Programs to communicate with our research institutes, colleges and schools, and laboratories to provide up-to-date information and guidance.

Human Subjects Research
In the interest of prioritizing public health, DU has temporarily suspended all in-person human subjects data collection taking place on or off campus. Studies or study procedures involving face-to-face interaction with participants that have no direct significant therapeutic benefit (FDA regulated drug or device) must be paused or modified. This human subjects research should be postponed or transitioned to remote functioning (i.e., substitution of telephone, web conferencing, and secure electronic communication to conduct data collection procedures). Standard allowances from the IRB regarding moving human subjects research to remote formats may be completed without a formal amendment. Please refer to the IRB website for additional guidance and information. Following CDC guidelines, at this time the temporary restriction is in effect through May 10th (resuming May 11th). You will be notified when you can resume modified or normal activities, including if the restrictions are lifted in advance of May 11th.

Non-Human Subject Research Labs on Campus
All labs on campus conducting research that does not involve human subjects must identify essential personnel to have access to laboratories to focus on projects where there is a critical risk of disruption, loss of life, or animal care requirements. All requests for essential personnel to obtain access to labs must be obtained through the Provost Office. The University requests that investigators limit the number of essential people in the laboratory at one time (e.g. 2 to 3) so that CDC recommendations can be followed (6 feet social distancing, consistent personal hygiene and regular maintenance of shared space, expecting disruptions in university cleaning) and consider postponing or transferring to remote formats for all elective activities or experiments that are not time-sensitive.

All of us are facing unexpected challenges, decisions, and questions, many of which are unprecedented. As such, guidance and details are emerging in real time. Please refer to the following resources below:

Updated research-specific FAQs. Campus COVID-19 resources are also being updated regularly, and can be found on the Research FAQ portion of the DU COVID-19 webpage.
Your questions are important. If your human subjects research-related questions have not been answered in the above FAQs or by your supervisor, please submit your question or request a consultation through the [email protected]. We will respond directly and potentially by adding these answers to our FAQs.

Please know that campus leadership and the Office of Research Integrity and Education (ORIE) staff is here to provide guidance, resources, and support to assist researchers during this challenging time.

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The Office of Research Integrity & Education (ORIE) provides services that support the efforts of the DU research community in their research endeavors to ensure active adherence to the ethical principles and professional standards essential for the responsible practice of research.

Within the Office of Research Integrity & Education, the following compliance committees are provided with ORIE administrative and professional personnel to oversee the research conducted by affiliated investigators on the DU campus:

  • Human Subject Research (Institutional Review Board)
  • Animal Welfare (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee)
  • rDNA and Biosafety (Institutional Biosafety Committee)

To ensure that research conducted at the University of Denver is safe and ethical, and promotes a culture of integrity, the Office of Research Integrity & Education manages and provides training and education in the following programs:

  • Research Conflict of Interest
  • Responsible Conduct of Research