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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

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New Investigator Resources


The IACUC Office would like to welcome you to the University of Denver. We are looking forward to assisting and guiding you through the approval process of your research projects. All of the information that you need to get started can be found throughout the website tabs on the left-hand side of the page.

we would love to meet you

Before you begin working on your project submission, please contact Tyler Ridgeway, the IACUC Administrator, to schedule an introductory meeting. His goal is to meet with every new investigator to help make the approval process simple and efficient, and to show the level of communication and collaboration that the IACUC Office has with the researchers at DU. His information, as well as other IACUC members can be found on the "IACUC Contacts" tab.

Please follow these 5 steps for submitting your project for review. 

Step 1: citi training

Every new Principal Investigators and their staff will need to complete the required CITI Program training as well as Environmental Health and Safety training. These requirements can be found on the "Mandatory Training Requirements" tab.

Step 2: submit occupational health review form

New Principal Investigators and their staff will also need to enroll in Occupational Health Program by submitting the Occupational Health Review Form via email (Include "DU Confidential" as the subject line) or through campus mail to the DU Environmental Health and Safety Office (EH&S) at 2601 E Colorado Ave., 2nd Floor. The form can be found on the "IACUC Submission Forms and Clearance Guidance" tab and is required to be completed annually. Your information will be faxed securely to the Occupational Physician at Concentra for review.

step 5: submit application through irbnet

The final step will then be to register in IRBNet to submit the submission forms for your research project. For instructions on how to register and for other helpful "How-To" guidance, select the "IRBNet- DU's Electronic Submission System" tab.



The IACUC Office publishes monthly newsletters with important information and updates for all investigators to be aware of. These newsletters can be found on the "News and Announcements" tab.