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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

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Research Integrity & Education

Conflict of Interest

University of Denver is dedicated to integrity in its academic, research, and business activities.  As part of this mission, the DU Office of Research Integrity & Education oversees and implements the University’s research conflict of interest policies and procedures, ensures DU’s compliance with applicable research conflict of interest regulatory requirements, provides guidance and support to the DU research community regarding conflict of interest policies, systems, standards and procedures. The Office of Research Integrity & Education works closely with Sponsored Programs and the Office of the Provost for Research to encourage its faculty, students and staff to participate in research activities and to do so with the highest ethical standards.

Federal regulations require a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form be completed and submitted on an annual basis. The DU COI Research Policy states that any University employee responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of a sponsored project at the University must disclose significant financial interests annually and before submission of an application for funding. The COI Disclosure must also be updated during the year if a potential conflict of interest occurs or changes.

A COI disclosure must be submitted if one of the following occurs:

  • Annual Requirement per DU policy
  • Change in COI
  • New Proposal
  • New Investigator, Sub-contractor or Sub-grantee
  • Sponsored Programs Request

All COI disclosures must be completed through Qualtrics.  Please contact Mary Travis, Research Integrity Director ( if a COI disclosure needs to be completed or updated. If your COI changes please notify your DU Grant Administrator in Sponsored Programs and the appropriate compliance committee (IRB, IACUC or IBC).