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Human Subjects Research (HRPP/IRB)

Collaborative Research with External Institutions

If you are a DU investigator and are collaborating on a research project with an external investigator or individual, decisions need to be made to determine how each investigator or individual will obtain appropriate IRB approval.

The following options are available:

  • Each investigator obtains IRB approval through their own institution's IRB, OR
  • List all investigators on one IRB application through one institution's IRB to serve as the IRB of Record and establishing a reliance agreement between the participating institutions, OR
  • If a reliance agreement cannot be established because the external individual is NOT affiliated with an organization who has a Federalwide Assurance (FWA), the individual(s) must meet certain requirements and be approved by the DU IRB.

Use the following guidance to determine the approval process for your collaborative project.

collaborative approval guidance

Obtaining IRB Approval for a Collaborative Project

ceding will not occur if

Ceding Will Not Occur If...

du serves as irb of record

DU Serves as IRB of Record

ceding to external irb

Ceding to an External IRB

adding unaffiliated independent individual

Adding an Unaffiliated Independent Individual

receiving sending data

Receiving or Sending Data or Materials

nih sirb using smart irb

NIH Single IRB (sIRB) Review Using SMART IRB

  collaborative agreements

Collaborative Agreements