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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

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Human Subjects Research (HRPP/IRB)

DU Course-Related Research Projects

Many academic courses at DU include instruction on research methods and research design; sometimes this is done through hands-on projects. Initially, it may appear that these types of projects require IRB review, but there are many cases in which that is not the case. The reasoning goes back to the definition of generalizable; classroom or course-related activities are often meant to specifically satisfy a curriculum requirement or to teach a particular lesson, they are oftentimes not intended to go beyond the DU classroom in a way that would suggest generalizable research.

Therefore, DU may not require IRB review of certain course-related projects that are designed to only teach DU students research methods.  Exceptions may include the following: Doctoral dissertations, funded research, research conducted through collaboration external to DU, Master's theses, and Honors theses; these type of exceptions may require IRB review before students may begin their research. 

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Guidelines for a Course-Related Research Project

faculty responsibilities

Faculty Responsibilities

Student Activity and Faculty Approval Forms for DU Course-Related Research ONLY

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Attachment A: DU Course-Related Research Activity Form (Instructor Use)

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Attachment B: DU Course-Related Research Approval Form (Student Use)

Consent Documents for DU Course-Related Research ONLY

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Unsigned Consent for DU Course-Related Research

signed consent

Signed Consent for DU Course-Related Research

oral consent

Oral Consent for DU Course-Related Research