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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

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Human Subjects Research (HRPP/IRB)

Collaborative Research with External Institutions

Use the following guidance to determine the approval process for your collaborative project.

collaborative approval guidance

Obtaining IRB Approval for a Collaborative Project

Based on the guidance above, the following are forms that you may need to complete for your collaborative project request(s).

appendix p

Appendix P: Request the DU IRB to Serve as the IRB of Record

appendix q

Appendix Q: Ceding to an External IRB

appendix r

Appendix R: Adding an Unaffiliated Independent Individual

authorization agreement template

IRB Authorization Agreement (IAA)

dua receiving

Data Use Agreement (DUA): Receiving Data

dua sending

Data Use Agreement (DUA): Sending Data

  individual investigator agreement

Individual Investigator Agreement (IIA)