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Research Integrity & Education

CITI: Completing the Mandatory Training

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What is CITI?

The University of Denver uses the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program to provide the required training for all faculty, staff and student investigators. CITI offers a streamlined process that provides certification that is recognized not only at DU but at a variety of institutions nationwide.

Who has to complete the training?

All investigators and faculty sponsors conducting human subjects research at the University of Denver are required to complete an education program and become "certified" in human subjects protections.

• All members of the research team, including the principal investigator and all other individuals (faculty, staff, or student) who have contact or interactions with research subjects or with their private identifiable information
• Faculty supervisors of student research projects
• Investigators who are not affiliated with DU, who are engaged in a DU research study and whose IRB of record will be the DU IRB as designated by a formal, written agreement
• Members of the DU IRB

These training modules must be completed before IRB approval will be issued.

DU recognizes valid CITI training for four (4) years from the completion date. After four years, a refresher course is offered to maintain credentials.

In order to successfully pass the training curriculum, you will need to answer 80% of the questions correctly.

Please note: As of September 2018, the Office of Research Integrity & Education updated the HSP curriculums to provide a more efficient and streamline approach to fulfilling the training requirement. The modules you have previously completed will remain in your completion record. However, the module name may have changed, or it may appear differently or may no longer be required. Please select a new course or refresher course from the menu below to ensure you are taking the current curriculum of the required courses.

Which trainings are required?

Based on the type of research you will be conducting, choose the most appropriate curriculum.

Step 1: On the "Courses" page of your CITI account, select "Add a Course" near the bottom of the page under "Learner Tools for University of Denver"

Step 2: Select the course(s) you are required or asked to take:
a. Human Subjects Research (Social Behavioral Educational Research or Biomedical Research)
b. Responsible Conduct of Research (Federally Funded Projects ONLY)
c. Conflict of Interest
d. Laboratory Safety
e. Laboratory Animal Welfare
f. Biosafety
g. Export Compliance
h. Health Information Privacy and Security
i. Research Study Design
j. Protocol Registration and Results Summary Disclosure in
k. Good Clinical Practice

Step 3: On the following pages, continue to select the most appropriate options/answers.

Required Specific Courses

If your project uses any of these specific populations or topics, you must complete the module:

Study Design: 

  • Schools
  • Internet-Based Research
  • Biobanks or Databases
  • Survey Research
  • International Research
  • Community-Engagement
  • Genetic Research

Subject Populations:

  • Children
  • Prisoners
  • Older Adults
  • Subjects who are Decisionally Impaired
  • Subjects with Physical Disabilities
  • Subjects that are Critically Ill or at the End-of-Life
  • Subjects who Do Not Speak English
  • Subjects who are Socially or Economically Disadvantaged
  • Workers/Employees
  • Illegal Activities or Undocumented Status
  • Gender and Sexual Diversity
  • Pregnant Women, Fetuses, and Neonates
Federally Funded  Projects

If you are receiving federal funding (National Science Foundation or National Institute of Health), you must complete the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) curriculum and the Conflict of Interest (COI) curriculum in addition to one of the required modules above.

• Social, Behavioral, Educational, and Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Course
• Biomedical Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Course
• Physical Science Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Course
• Engineering Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Course ("RCR for Engineers")
• Conflict of Interest (COI) Course

Transferring Training from Another Institution

Please note: If you have completed CITI training affiliated with another institution, DU will not have access to those records. Investigators must affiliate their training records with the University of Denver in order for the IRB staff to validate the appropriate training has been completed.

Reference Guide: Transfer Certification from Another Institution

Completing a Refresher Course

If you have already completed a required CITI course (valid for 4 years) and you were informed your certificate was going to expire soon, you may complete a refresher course.

  • Refresher: Social Behavioral Educational Research Investigators (Exempt, Expedited & Full Board Review Projects)
  • Refresher: Biomedical Research Investigators 
  • Refresher: IRB Full Board Members & IRB Community Members 

Frequently asked questions

Does everyone listed on my protocol have to have training?

All personnel listed on the protocol that will have contact with participants involved in the study are required to complete the Human Subjects Protections Training. Human Subjects Training is available on the CITI Program Website.

Does the training requirement apply to students conducting interviews?

Yes, anyone contacting the human subjects in any way needs to complete training.

Reference Materials

Step-by-Step Instructions for Human Subjects CITI Training

How do you know when you've successfully finished the CITI training requirement?

Refresher Course - Human Subjects Protection Training

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