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Research Integrity & Education

Determining Whether Your Research Requires IRB Review

Many faculty and student investigators may submit a research project to be reviewed by the IRB that, per regulatory definition, may not require IRB review because it does not meet the definition of human subject research. If a project involves 'human subjects' and is 'research' as defined in the regulations, then it will require IRB review and an IRB application must be submitted through the electronic submission system IRBNet. If you aren't sure if your project needs IRB review, you are encouraged to complete Appendix E: IRB Determination Form. This form will ask questions about the proposed project to assist the IRB Office determine whether a project will require IRB oversight. Please submit the form directly to: Within 10 business days, a review will be conducted and a formal letter will be issued from the DU IRB stating whether a project meets the definition of human subject research.                 

Reference Materials:

Assessing Your Project

Examples of Activities Determining Whether IRB Review is Required