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Research Integrity & Education

Meeting Dates & Submission Deadlines

The University of Denver (DU) convened IRB meets during the 2nd week of each month based on the availability of the IRB members. For a protocol to be considered for presentation at that month's convened meeting, the complete submission must be in submitted in IRBNet no later than 5:00 PM a minimum of 10 working days prior to the meeting date. A complete submission includes all of the mandatory submissions forms/documents and valid CITI training completion for the entire research team.

For new submissions that are classified as minimal risk (exempt and expedited), no submission deadlines have been established and full board review is not required. All Exempt and Expedited submissions are reviewed in the order received in the IRBNet submission system. If an expedited reviewer determines that the IRB application cannot be approved or that the study is more than minimal risk, the submission will be referred to the next full board meeting for consideration.

Only more than minimal risk studies, research with prisoner subjects, and other protocols not eligible for Exempt or Expedited review require Full Board review. If this applies to your proposed study, please refer to the meeting schedule below:

2018 Convened IRB Meeting Deadlines and Submission Deadlines

Submission Deadlines

IRB Convened Meeting Dates

 December 22, 2017
 January 9, 2018
 January 23, 2018
 February 13, 2018
 February 27, 2018
 March 13, 2018
 April 3, 2018
 April 17, 2018
 April 24, 2018
 May 8, 2018
 May 29, 2018
 June 12, 2018
 August 28, 2018
 September 11, 2018
 September 25, 2018
 October 9, 2018
 October 30, 2018
 November 13, 2018
 November 27, 2018
 December 11, 2018

*All meetings are held in the Margery Reed Boardroom 201 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Please keep in mind that the University of Denver observes several holidays and breaks during the course of the academic school year. During these closures, all university buildings close; therefore, the DU IRB does not meet and the DU HRPP/IRB staff will not be available.

**During the summer break, the DU IRB will not meet due to the availability of the IRB members.