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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

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Office of Research Integrity & Education

Misconduct in Research

The University of Denver requires that intellectual honesty and the highest ethical standards in research be maintained and relies primarily on the acceptance of responsibility by each member of the university community to adhere to professional standards of conduct in all research activity.The issue of misconduct in scholarly activity is a matter of serious concern to universities and other research institutions, individual faculty, sponsors of research, and the general public.

What is a research misconduct?

Serious deviations in conduct include fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism; professionally unacceptable practices in performing research and/or reporting the results of research; and willful failure to comply with federal and other requirements. The full policy on Misconduct in Research can be found here.

When a misconduct is identified

To ensure the aforementioned principles, the Associate Provost for Research will be the recipient of any charges of misconduct in research. The Associate Provost for Research will forward said charges, and delegate authority to the Sponsored Programs Academic Research Council (hereinafter, SPARC or Committee) to conduct an inquiry and, if necessary, conduct an investigation and recommend action on the charges of misconduct in science. SPARC will refer to its Council or an ad hoc committee appointed by the Associate Provost for Research with SPARC counsel. This Committee will also provide advice to the institution to prevent or minimize research fraud.

In cases where charges of misconduct in research are raised, expeditious fact-finding and objective peer review in a setting of procedural fairness is essential and should be characterized, at the minimum, by prompt notification of the individual(s) who are the subject of the inquiry, protection to the maximum extent possible of the confidentiality of both the subject individual(s) and the complainant(s), and if appropriate, application of timely corrective actions, sanctions and penalties.

This Policy is intended to comply with the requirements of 42 CFR Part 50, and any such requirements that are not set forth in the Policy are hereby incorporated by reference as if fully set forth in this Policy.