Bi-Weekly Payroll Processing

The purpose of this policy is to document the process for processing payroll for biweekly-paid grants personnel, including the input of labor distribution by FOAPA into the Banner system.

  • Definitions

    Cost-Sharing: The portion of project or program costs that are not borne by the sponsor.

    Department Timekeeper: The individual within a university department who is responsible for entering time worked and leave taken for department employees into the Banner system.

    FOAP / FOAPA: The accounting code that is entered into the Banner system to charge expenses to the department and/or grant project. Fund / Org / Account / Program / Activity Code.

    Grants: Programs or projects that are funded by an external entity through an award (grant, contract, etc.) to the University. Sponsored programs include research, instruction, and other sponsored activities.

    Office of Research & Sponsored Programs: The university office responsible for the oversight of externally-supported programs that are funded through grants, contracts, and other agreements.

    Principal Investigator (PI): The DU employee (usually faculty member) who is responsible for the proper conduct of research or other activity described in a proposal, grant, contract or other agreement. Used interchangeably with Program Director.

    Supervisor: The individual who has firsthand knowledge of the work performed by the employee, and who has a suitable means to verify the hours devoted to each program or project.

    Timesheet Org: The code that indicates the department that is responsible for entering the hours worked and leave taken by an employee.

  • Policy

    Pay distributions for all biweekly employees shall be set up through HR on a funded departmental FOAP. However, bi-weekly employees paid from grant funds shall be set up as Positive Time Entry. Such employees shall document hours worked per project and complete a timesheet. The PI (or designated supervisor) shall certify and sign that the timesheet is accurate, and submit to their Department Timekeeper for entry into the Banner payroll system. ORSP shall approve entries based on receipt of completed, signed timesheets.

    The full policy can be found here.

  • Procedures

    Setting Up a New Employee Through HR: All biweekly-paid employees shall be set up through HR on their department Fund/Org/Account (FOA). (This data is captured in Banner on NBAJOBS).

    • Benefited Employees: Using the BECR form, indicate the following:
      • Timesheet Org #: use the appropriate grant timesheet org number.
      • Fund / Orgn / Acct: Indicate the departmental FOA.
      • Comments: Indicate the grants that the employee is expected to work on.
    • Non-Benefited Employees:
      • Using the MBTH form, indicate the following:
      • Research (37): Check this box.
      • Timesheet Org #: Use the appropriate grant timesheet org number.
      • Position # (NBIJLST): 700003 (non-student), or 70004 (student).
      • Reasons/Comments: Indicate the grants that the employees is expected to work on.

    Completing a Timesheet: Each employee shall complete a Grants Biweekly Timesheet for each pay period. The employee shall certify, sign and submit to their supervisor. The PI/supervisor shall certify, sign, and submit to his/her Department Timekeeper.

    • NOTE: If employee is not available, indicate “N/A” on the employee signature line. Supervisor must complete, sign and submit.

    Entering Time Into Banner: The Department Timekeeper shall enter hours and labor distribution by week into Banner. The original, completed, signed timesheet shall be forwarded to ORSP, and must be received in ORSP by 9:00 a.m. of the payroll due date.

    Approval of Time: ORSP shall approve the Banner time entered, based on receipt of the completed, signed timesheet. Pay distribution for any hours submitted in Banner for which a completed, signed timesheet is not received by ORSP shall be overridden and paid from the employee’s department FOAP.

    Corrections: If corrections are needed after the time has been submitted and approved, a Payroll Re-distribution Request shall be completed, signed by the PI, and forwarded to ORSP for review, approval, and input.

  • Roles & Responsibilities

    Employee is responsible for completing timesheets that reflect actual hours worked by FOAPA (Fund/Org/Account/Activity Code), and submitting to their supervisor/PI prior to payroll deadline.

    Supervisor / Principal Investigator is responsible for verifying the hours worked and the correct coding of the Fund/Org/Account/Activity Code on behalf of the sponsored programs which are under his/her programmatic authority, including cost-shared effort, and submitting the timesheet to the Department Timekeeper prior to deadline.

    Department Timekeeper is responsible for the accuracy of the top portion of Timesheet information, verifying the correct coding of the FOAPA, inputting hours into the Banner system, and submitting original, completed and signed timesheets to ORSP by 9:00 am of the payroll due date.

    Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is responsible for approving time for employee’s time that has been entered into Banner and for whom an original, completed and signed timesheet has been received. ORSP is also responsible for the review, approval and input of corrections to time that has already been entered into Banner, and the filing of original timesheets for audit purposes.