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Parking & Mobility Services

Parking and Mobility Services

Parking & Mobility Services


Shuttle Service Update

After a successful first year piloting the campus shuttle we have learned many things. In order to build upon the what we've learned in the first year, DU is gearing up to make adjustments and improvements to the campus shuttle program. In order to make these adjustments and improvements, there will be a pause in campus shuttle service during July and August. The current service will continue through Friday, June 28th. We are exploring the use of options such as having bike sharing available at the AOB and as well as having a car sharing vehicle from Car2Go available at the AOB. Updates will be provided as more information about those options is available. We appreciate your patience during the summer months. The plan is to resume the campus shuttle pilot this fall.

2019-2020 Permit Sales Information

Here are the dates/times for permit sales/renewals:

  • Employee Renewals
    Monday, June 10th - Friday, June 28th
    (First employee waitlist release July 1st)
  • Commuter Student Renewals
    Monday, June 10th
  • Law Students Renewals
    Monday June 10th
  • Restricted Permit Sales (Commuters, Law, and Employees)
    Tuesday, July 2nd
    This is only for the lots that still have room in them
  • Resident Housing Students Sales
    Monday, July 22nd
  • Adjunct Faculty Sales
    Monday, July 8th

We will begin stuffing permits at the end of July starting with lots L, W, 321, N/W L, and General. The Law student's permits will be mailed out at the beginning of August. Employee and All other student permits will go out the middle of August.

We will accept refunds for permits until the 15th of April. After this date only employees can return their permits.

 Parking Rate Increase for Fiscal Year 2020 (FY2020)
  • All monthly rates increase by $4 per month. For permit holders that pay monthly, the increase will take effect on September 1, 2019. For exempt employees, this increase will be reflected in your October pay. For non-exempt employees, the increase will be reflected in your first pay in October. Non-benefitted employees will see the increase when paying for parking in September, and thereafter. The new rates were approved by the Chancellor and Board of Trustees (BOT)
  • There is no increase in event parking rates in FY 2020. Event parking rates last increased on July 1, 2018. The rate increased from $8 to $10, for 4 (four) or more hours, per day. For event parking of less than 4 (four) hours duration, the rate increased from $6 to $8.
  • There is no increase in paid visitor parking rates in FY 2020. Paid visitor parking rates last increased on July 1, 2018. The rate increased from $1.50 per hour to, $2 per hour.

Why do parking rates increase?

In addition to paying down the debt incurred from building parking garages, the costs for operating and maintaining a parking system with more 5,900 spaces, including 7 parking structures, 60 off-street lots, and other spaces across the campus, are significant. These costs increase over time due to inflation, and as parking assets age, maintaining becomes more expensive.

Why did rates increase by the amount they did this year?

DU is committed to supporting sustainability, as outlined in the University of Denver Sustainability Commitment. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, requires a holistic approach if we are to reach those objectives. Setting parking rates so that they encourage travel mode shift, away from single occupant vehicles, and to more sustainable modes such as transit, cycling, ride share, car sharing, and walking, supports the University in achieving its sustainability commitments. The new Residence Hall and Community Commons are being constructed on four existing parking lots. Besides reducing the physical inventory of parking spaces, those lots were highly utilized and generated significant revenue. The rate increases for this fiscal year will offset some of the lost revenue.

parkmobile no longer available in Lot 315

Effective April 1, 2019, ParkMobile will no longer be available in lot 315 (zones 3616 and 3617). All payments must be paid at the pay machine.

EV Charging Station at Lot 316 is Offline

The EV Charging Station at the north end of Lot 316, near the Sturm Hall loading dock, is offline until further notice due to construction.

Annual Bike Registration: Act now!

Registering your bike assists in recovery in case of theft, and allows owners to be notified if there is a problem with the bike. Registration is free, but requires an annual update so we know that your bike is active on campus. Register at mobility/bicycling. If you have any questions please call us at 303-871-3210 or email [email protected].

Ulock enforcement policy

We want to make you aware that beginning immediately the bicycle U-lock policy will be enforced regularly. This policy can be found on the Campus Safety website, Bicycle Security, and on the Parking and Mobility website, Bicycles . Remember, bicycles should not be locked to handrails, lampposts, or objects other than a bike rack.

As we realize that some of you may not have been aware of this policy we are giving you a grace period of one week to obtain a U-lock and properly secure your bicycle before Winter break. All bicycles left unsecured or improperly secured will be immobilized and/or impounded by the Parking and Mobility Services office.

Bicycles will only be released during our business hours. The Parking and Mobility office is open Monday – Friday from 8:30am until 4:30pm. We are closed all University holidays.