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Parking & Mobility Services

Parking and Mobility Services



Enforcement fines

Payment for all Enforcement Fines may be made online by logging into your DU Account or in person at the Parking Services office Monday - Friday during regular business hours 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Charging location prohibited  $30
Damaged gate arm  $250+
Disability space violation  $100
Displaying an expired permit $15
Displaying or use of a stolen, revoked, reproduced, or altered permit or access card $100
Disregarding traffic control device and/or attendant  $30
Driving or parking in non-designated parking spaces  $30
Exceeding posted time limits  $30
Failure to properly display a permit  $30
Fire Lane infraction/violation  $50
Immobilization of motorized vehicle  $40
Immobilization of scooter  $20
Improper operation of bicycle/skateboard  $30
Improper use of permit  $30
Intentional damage to/or removal of University property  $30
Loading zone violation  $30
Meter/pay station tampering  $30
Metered time violation  $30
No parking zone  $30
Obstructing disability access  $100
Parking in an undesignated area  $30
Parking outside lines of a stall  $15
Permit not affixed to windshield  $15
Permit not valid for location  $30 
Powered and non-powered recreational devices in University parking areas  $30
Tow Fee  $65
Unauthorized use of a coupon code  $50
Using anothers' permit and/or gate access ID  $30
Vandalism  $100
Vehicle blocking trash dumpster  $30
Vehicle in driveway or thoroughfare  $30
Vehicle on brick pavers and/or walkway $100
Vehicle on walkway and/or sidewalk  $30