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Parking & Mobility Services

Parking and Mobility Services

Parking & Mobility Services


If you own, operate, and/or park a motor vehicle on the University of Denver campus you must comply with the Rules and Regulations. All parking and traffic rules/regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays and periods when school is not in session unless otherwise indicated by traffic control devices.

All fines must be paid or appealed within 15 calendar days of issuance. After 15 days citations accrue a late fee of $20.

The University reserves the right to designate additional violations and/or fees as deemed necessary.

If you receive a Notice of Violation for a parking or traffic violation on campus you have the right to appeal the citation. All appeals must be submitted online or in writing.

The University may employ all legal means to collect outstanding or unpaid citations. All individuals using University parking facilities may be held responsible for citations issued to vehicles registered to family members.

Accrual of 4 or more unpaid citations may result in vehicle immobilization or towing.