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Parking & Mobility Services

Parking and Mobility Services

Parking & Mobility Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for parking on the DU Campus?

There are many options available depending upon what brings you to the DU Campus. All visitors have the option of parking in an hourly paid meter spot, or to purchase a single day permit from the Parking Services office. DU students, faculty, and staff, as well as Ricks Center parents, may purchase a parking permit effective for the current Permit Year. Recreation members will receive permits running effective for the calendar year.

How do I purchase a parking permit?

All parking permits for students/faculty/staff and Ricks Center parents are purchased through the Parking Services website.  If you are a Recreation member you must create a guest account on the Parking Services website by clicking Purchase Online and completing the Guest Signup form. You will not "purchase a permit". Once you have created the online parking account with your vehicle information your account information will be sent to the Ritchie Center for final approval. Once approved, your access card will be issued and mailed to the address in your account.

How do I pay for hourly spots in Visitor lots?

Metered spaces may be paid for at a pay station kiosk located within the lot itself. These pay stations accept both cash up to $10.00 bills and credit cards. Some metered spaces have physical meters located at the space itself - these meters accept credit cards only. Guests can pay for parking in the Visitor lots from their smartphones with the Park Mobile App. There is no need to display the receipt for these spaces anywhere on your vehicle.

How do I login/create an account on the website?

To login, click the Purchase Online link on the right side of the home page. If you are a DU student, faculty, or staff member, please use your DU ID number and Pioneer web password to log in. If you are a Recreation or Ricks Center member, you will need to create a guest account. If you are a University guest/visitor attempting to pay a citation, you will also need to create a guest account.

For what time frame are permits valid?

The Permit Year runs from Sept. 1 through Aug. 31. Most permits cease to be valid on August 31. Recreation center member permits are valid from January 1 through December 31.

Are monthly and annual permit prices prorated?

Yes, permits are prorated on a monthly basis with the exception of Adjunct, General Quarter, and General Semester.

What is required after I receive my permit to ensure that I do not receive a citation?

Permits should be affixed to the lower driver's side corner of your windshield ensuring the bar code can be easily scanned by our Parking Enforcement Officers. The permit barcode MUST be facing outward and against the windshield. Only official permits are acceptable, handwritten notes of any kind may result in a citation.  

Can I park in my designated permit lot(s) without my permit?

Yes, but you must display a suitable replacement. We understand that life can get hectic and that sometimes things are forgotten, and we certainly don't want our paying customers to receive a citation! Temporary permits are available from the Parking Services office during regular business hours. Gated lots require a valid permit to enter.

What is an "Oops" voucher?

We understand that sometimes mistakes happen, and for this reason we offer every permit holder one "Oops Voucher" per Permit Year. This voucher is good for a single courtesy dismissal of a citation for "Failure to Display", "Permit not Valid", and "Permit Not Affixed to Windshield."  An "Oops" voucher cannot be used for any other citation type. To use your "Oops Voucher" contact Parking Services.

I'm visiting DU for the day and need to park my vehicle.

There are many "hourly" paid spaces in lots throughout campus. The cost to park in these lots is $2.00 per hour with a maximum rate of $10.00 for the day. Additionally, a temporary day pass may be purchased from Parking Services during posted office hours.

Can I use a "Recreation" permit to park while I work or attend classes?

Unfortunately not. Students, faculty, and staff are not authorized to utilize Recreation permits; they must purchase a permit or pay to utilize visitor lots.

Where can I park my scooter?

Self-propelled vehicles including scooters and mopeds under 49cc's may park only at specially designated areas for scooters in lots 103, 121, 309, 311, F, Q, T, W, P, and behind Shwayder Art Bldg. (see map for locations)  Any scooter more than 49cc's must purchase a motorcycle permit.

How do I obtain a permit for my motorcycle?

Motorcycle permits are available for purchase at the parking office during regular business hours. Motorcycle permits must be visibly displayed on the rear of the bike or on the windshield, if available.