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Parking & Mobility Services

Parking and Mobility Services

Parking & Mobility Services


The University of Denver's Transportation Master Plan provides recommendations for a comprehensive transportation strategy, for shifting travel behavior from single occupancy automobile dependency to more sustainable modes, for improving safety and aesthetics on campus, as well as options for decreasing the amount of greenhouse gases released from university-related transportation. Why bring your own car or drive alone to DU? Know your options, enjoy your productive ride, keep money in your pocket, share mobility, share the joy.


greenercarslogoAs a leader in promoting a healthier environment the University of Denver proudly provides "premium" parking space on the 2nd floor between the two elevators within the Evans parking structure vehicles ranked by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) as having a score of 45 or greater. To learn more about the greenest and meanest of personal transportation visit the 2017 Greenest Vehicle List.

If your vehicle qualifies, pick up your free decal from Parking Services to adhere to the rear window of the qualifying vehicle.  The "Green Car" permit supplements your E parking permit and enables you to use the Green Vehicle spaces designated. Parking Services confirms that your car meets the required standard and maintains a registry of all such vehicles.


chargingcarParking Services supports University Sustainability by providing the CT4000, the latest generation of ChargePoint charging stations that set the industry standard for functionality and aesthetics. They feature a driver friendly user interface with instructional videos about how to use the station in English, French, and Spanish. ChargePoint Stations are located across campus:

  • A single space unit on the East side of 316W outside in front of Sturm
  • A double space unit in Lot E on the South West corner of floor 2
  • A double space unit in Lot L on the West side of the first floor
  • A double space unit in Lot P on the North West Corner of floor 2

My Way to Go

waytogoMy Way to Go is a regional partnership between the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and a dedicated group of Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) that can help you find biking, walking, transit, and car/vanpool options to get you to your destination.  Interested in the mobility option with the smallest carbon footprint?  How about the option that will burn the most calories?  My Way to Go offers real-life solutions to help commuters save money, experience less stress, and save time, so they can focus more on doing the things they enjoy.

Tracking your trips can provide you with real-time information about your environmental impact, miles not driven and cost-savings.  You may pick up information about the Way to Go program in the Parking Services office during regular business hours or visit them online at