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Parking & Mobility Services

Parking and Mobility Services

Parking Permits



  • All refunds must be requested in-person at the Parking Services office during normal business hours.
  • A Refund Request Form must be submitted with the returned permit (product) in good physical condition.
  • No refunds will be accepted after refund return deadline stated on the back of the permit.
  • All refunds are returned via the original method of payment, except cash and when the original credit is otherwise unavailable.  In this instance the refund will be returned via University of Denver check
  • A $5 per permit/product service charge is deducted from all refund amounts.  
  • All permit refunds are based are pro-rated to the date of return  and not to any official termination, leave date or last day of classes attended.
  • No refunds will be accepted after April 15th

Student Billing

Student billing refunds will be processed according to the appropriate student billing schedule. Students who have their parking fees placed on their student bill accounts are encouraged to physically return their permit for a refund immediately in order to stop future billings of the parking fees being placed on their accounts. Students who fail to return their permit will receive University invoices reflecting the appropriate parking fees associated with the permit still in their possession. It is the responsibility of the withdrawing student permit holder to ensure that the permit is returned to Parking Services, or the billing process will continue. 

Payroll Deduction 

Payroll deduction refunds for Employees separating from the University or no longer needing their assigned parking permit remain responsible for the full amount of the remaining balance due until it is returned to Parking Services. All employees are encouraged to return their parking permits immediately after separating from the University or no longer needing it.
All other payments will be refunded through the University of Denver Accounts Payable office, which can take up to four weeks to process.


Late fees may be assessed by the Bursar's office for late payments of the student tuition bill.

Refunds & Unpaid Parking Balances

If a customer has any existing parking balance (i.e., permit &/or fine(s)) owed to the department/University, the entire refund will be applied to the unpaid balance. If after the refund is applied to the existing balance and a remaining credit exists, it will be processed as a refund to the customer. At no time will refunds/credits be given to individuals with outstanding parking/traffic balances.