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Parking & Mobility Services

Parking and Mobility Services

Parking Permits


  • When the permit that you desire is sold out, you may elect to sign up on a waitlist for the opportunity to purchase when space becomes available. If you purchase an alternative permit while you wait for the waitlisted permit to be released, you will receive a prorated refund towards the purchase of your new permit.
  • Periodic lot counts are done to assess the utilization of the parking lot. When deemed possible, additional permits are offered to those on a waitlist.
  • You may sign up for two different waitlist lots. List your first choice as the lot you prefer the most and the second choice as an alternative choice. Your first choice waitlist permit will not be removed if you are awarded your second choice.
  • To submit a waitlist request, login to your parking account and select the waitlist option. Once submitted you will be able to see (when logged onto our website) where you are on the waitlist.
  • Waitlist award recipients will receive an email from Parking Services when their name has been released from the waitlist along with instructions on how to purchase the permit. Signing up on a waitlist again will not purchase your permit. If you no longer want the permit you were awarded, disregard the email. You do not need to log into your parking account to remove the request.
  • For employees only, your waitlist application remains in effect until you are awarded your lot, leave the University, or remove yourself from the waitlist.
  • For students, waitlists are purged every April in preparation for selling permits for the next permit season. If you missed the opportunity to purchase your desired lot the previous year, try to purchase on the first few days of permit sales.