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In Times of Trouble

Critical Injury or Death

In Times of Trouble

Critical Injury or Death of a Community Member

If you become aware of the critical injury or death of a University community member (faculty, staff or student), please contact Campus Safety (303-871-3000)!

Once Campus Safety is notified, a process will be set in motion that will ensure that the community is notified, potentially affected community members (classmates, faculty, supervisors, etc.) are notified, financial and academic matters are addressed, etc. The university wants to make certain that information is relayed to the community in an accurate and timely matter, so, once someone alerts Campus Safety, we ask that they refrain from any communication to sub-communities (units, departments, etc.) pending notice from the University Communications office.

A flow chart of how the Critical Incident Response Team is constituted can be found in the sidebar to the right, as well as a complete copy of the "Critical Injury or Death of Community Member" protocol.