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In Times of Trouble

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In Times of Trouble

Pioneers Respond

It is an unfortunate fact of our world that natural disasters and tragedies will take place. Some may be preventable; others may not. All, however, cry out for a human response. The University of Denver's Disaster Response Protocol ("Pioneers Respond") musters the resources of this great private university to respond—as a community, both on campus and off—to those tragedies and disasters locally, nationally and around the world.

How (and when) the university community will respond depends on the nature of the event, as well as how closely the event affects community members (e.g., a flood in Boulder may be more immediately addressed than a significant landslide in a remote part of central Asia).

In general, however, we aspire to be ready, to keep the community informed, and to respond appropriately:


Disasters/Tragedies will occur. The DU Community will be prepared to respond when they happen. Ideally this preparation would include (1) training, (2) marshaling of appropriate on-campus resources, (3) involving appropriate student groups, & (4) engaging appropriate academic units.


Appropriate response will include (1) keeping the campus informed of developments at the incident site, as well as DU's response, (2) helping affected community members contact loved-ones, (3) alerting our off-campus community (alumni, students abroad, parents, etc.) of our response and available resources, & (4) making public our response efforts.


While appropriate response will depend on the incident, DU may commit its resources to: Educational updates; Vigil/Memorial; Financial Relief; Blood donations; Gifts-in-Kind; Direct volunteer service; Expressions of concern/condolence (official and/or unofficial)

For questions about Pioneers Respond, please contact the Chaplain's office at 303-871-4488 or