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Staff and faculty make the University go. You can go to the Center for Multicultural Excellence's website for a complete list of resources, programs and events for and by our LGBTIQA communities.

For information about upcoming events, ongoing resources and other opportunities, subscribe to the private, weekly Qdigest newsletter and/or join us on

Employee Benefits & Services

The University of Denver provides a number of benefits and services to all employees, including our LGBTIQ faculty and staff:

  • Marriage/Partner Benefits: DU began offering domestic partner benefits in 1997; and University-controlled benefits are already extended to registered same-sex domestic partners/civil unions/married couples and their families, to the same extent that such benefits are provided to mixed-sex spouses and families. Eligibility for all employee benefits is based upon the position held; and may be attached to both full and part-time, qualifying positions. Benefits include but are not limited to health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and tuition waiver/discounts.
    • NOTE: With the June 26, 2015 US Supreme Court ruling on national marriage equality, federal law will begin to catch up to existing Colorado law and University benefits. The primary effect of the ruling for DU employees will be on federal taxability of offered University benefits, not in changes to benefits already offered. Watch for updates from the IRS, and a likely streamlining of DU policy/practices to remove the previous relationship distinctions. Contact DU Human Resources with questions.
  • Non-discrimination policy: State and city/county laws, and University policies protect affiliates from discriminatory treatment based on sexual orientation, sex, gender identity and gender expression, among other identities. If you believe you have been targeted by, or witness to, such behavior, please review your options and contact the Office of Equal Opportunity.
    • Particularly around gender identity/expression, consistent inclusive practices can still be much improved across campus. Help us identify areas and options for pro-action; see "campus working groups," below.

We are working on an LGBT Benefits Guide for employees and students, to specifically catalog what is covered, and how to access these benefits. If you'd like to help us with this project, please contact us at [email protected] 

Involvement opportunities / Affinity organizations

  • Queer University Employees (QUE): is an organization for all LGBTIQA DU employees who promote a welcoming and affirming university community. QUE meets for social, service, networking, advocacy, and educational opportunities. For more information, contact our office.
  • Queer Faculty Association (QFA): QFA supports LGBTQ and questioning-identified faculty on campus through advocacy, scholarship, and social networking. QFA works to connect queer faculty across the university and ensure that DU is an affirming space for all queer students, staff, and faculty. The focus of meetings varies from discussing issues related to teaching challenges facing queer faculty; sharing queer studies research; holding social potlucks; and developing queer-friendly policies for tenure and promotion. QFA also values and supports the work of queer allies and queer staff on campus and at various times plans meetings or events to connect with them. Contact Professor Nancy Wadsworth, chair. listserv
  • campus working groups: From planning the annual Gala, to researching and implementing more Trans-inclusive practices across campus, your input and action can help make DU an even better place for all our communities. See the Q @ DU page for more information.
  • DU student organizations are occasionally in need of formal faculty/staff advisors, and can always benefit from shared expertise--professional and larger life--by those in the know. Many employees are also taking classes and might benefit from the peer connections in their school/college. See the groups on campus, and connect with those of interest to you.
  • social series: In addition to events for individual affinity organizations, CME also organizes annual gatherings to bring together LGBTIQ&Ally members from across campus, from a fall cupcake mixer and Welcome Back BB"Q", to a spring Gala celebration, to fun summer outings. See the [email protected] page for details.
  • Peer resource: If you're willing to be contacted as needed, let CME LGBTIQA Services know; we keep a private list of resource folks willing to speak with individuals or on panels about their fields, DU experience, coming out experience, ally work, etc. We won't pass out your info without your case-by-case permission.

Professional Development opportunities

As an educational institution, DU also offers growth opportunities to employees through Human Resources, various employee organizations and campus partners. A few, more LGBTIQA-related are below:

  • Queer & Ally (Q&A) Training : Everyone can benefit from knowing more about the wide range of identities and experiences in the LGBTIQA rainbow. Attend these sessions, display your placard/button, and be a proud resource for campus inclusion.
  • The Center for Multicultural Excellence also sponsors occasional events in its & (ampersand) intersections series, and its Rainbow Know (work-life issues) series, among other programs and services for the campus LGBTIQA communities. Employees are invited to participate, suggest and/or share their expertise as part of these educational series.
  • Annual Diversity Summit : attend and/or present sessions on engaging LGBTIQA communities in your office, research/writing and/or classroom.