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Transgender Resources

DU has a small, but vocal and growing community of transgender, genderqueer, gender variant and ally students, employees and alumns. And, most everyone 'strays' from expected gender roles at some point: men who cry, women who are sporty, etc.

Supporting ALL these identities and expressions, as noted on our Q@DU page, DU has included gender identity and gender expression in its non-discrimination policy since 2007, placing us among a very small number of schools to have both, in addition to other, more common protected identities.

And, the University still has work to do, to be truly inclusive. Below are two campus groups focused specifically on these identities, and resources for those identifying and/or expressing themselves outside the traditional gender binary.

Campus organizations

For student, employee and/or alumn-specific groups, see those respective pages (via tabs above). The following organizations and working groups are note role-specific, and are listed alphabetically.

Where other contact details are not stated, please contact CME for additional information or to suggest an additional LGBTIQ&A-serving campus organization.

  • Trans/Allies: This working group of students, faculty and staff focuses on implementing DU's gender identity and expression non-discrimination policy, by working on ways to make university procedures, practices and climate more inclusive for transgender, intersex and other gender non-conforming peoples. Examples include advocating for additional gender neutral restrooms on campus, streamlining campus procedures for recognizing gender self-identification, and ensuring equitable healthcare coverage. We have focused working groups to research specific areas for improvements; and are looking for interested folks of any identity to work on, take lead on and/or provide connections/ideas for particular items.
  • TransNetwork: CME is supporting the formation of a social and support network on campus for those identifying as transgender, genderqueer or otherwise gender variant. (Allies are invited to participate in the TransAllies group above!) We have a trans* identified volunteer convener, and will help the group determine its own name, specific purposes, gatherings, etc. Watch our calendar for next gatherings, and/or email CME LGBTIQ&A Services with interest. (We won't share names or contact info, but will keep you informed to be as involved as you like.)

CAMPUS resources

In addition to the two groups above, currently available DU resources include:

Coming Soon! For the 2016-17 school year, we are thrilled to announce that the following initiatives are underway and/or nearing completion:

  • Additional all gender restrooms. Even before a new Denver ordinance, DU was working to relabel all single occupant restrooms on campus to be usable by anyone. Watch for the new "all gender restroom" signs, featuring the accurate promise of a toilet (not stick figures).
  • Additional demographic indicators for all affiliates (including new/clarified religious/faith, veteran status, gender identity, perhaps pronouns and more), to help us better understand the campus population, and thus provide better resources.
  • Spoken name option in Canvas, allowing students to record and post the correct pronunciation of their name, for instructors and classmates to reference.

Beyond Campus resources

Of particular off-campus interest, are the Gender Identity Center of Colorado and the Transgender Programs at the GLBT Center of Colorado, both of which have a number of DU connections in staff, volunteers and participants.

In addition to adding weblinks and downloadable resources to this website, CME staff are available to assist with information on and advocacy with DU institutional policies and procedures. Review the Lambda Legal and Consortium's Trans Student Rights Toolkit (PDF) for overview of areas we're working on!

Additional resources:

Please contact CME's LGBTIQ&A Services with resource requests/suggestions and/or for a private consultation.