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The University of Denver (DU) Center for Professional Development (CPD) ensures the delivery of the highest-quality of modern, unboxed interprofessional workshops to promote the lifelong learning of professionals, students, and the public. 


Traumatic Brain Injuries in the media: 

Psychological Impact of Mass Casualty Shootings - See the coverage:

Everyone is talking about STEM for Grown Ups! Link here to the coverage:

DU Marijuana Summit - See the coverage:

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Read about the launch of the Center for Professional Development:

  • Read the full article on the University of Denver Magazine. 



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  • Watch videos from our collaboration STEM classes with The Silicon STEM Institute here
  • Check out FULL videos of the Marijuana Summit keynote speech and workshops here!!
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  • "...programs like this are extremely exciting, forward thinking, fit with our concept of team process and are unfortunately a rarity in these days of fiscal/creative starvation" Dr. Tom Kerkhoff

The Psychological Footprint of Mass Casualty attendees stated:

  • Great conference, well organized, very informational.
  • Awesome! We are very happy we attended. 
  • I want to come every year!
  • Excellent seminars, great speakers, very impressive and well organized. Thank you!!

Practical Aspects of Innovation Workshop with Dr. Travis White attendees have stated:

  • "Best class I have taken in years. Engaging, entertaining, insightful, thought-provoking, fun, and smart."
  • "Excellent material. Very generous to share all this. I can use this and refer to it to make my initial report and continue to foster innovation at work."

Previous STEM Summer Institute attendees have stated:

  • "I haven't felt this excited about teaching in at least a decade. I hope that I can have a fraction of the success that has been presented in the past five days!"

  • "I found this week's experience engaging, captivating and motivating. I found myself curious about the problem beyond the scope of our work. My curiosity sparked a desire to find out more and I want to cultivate this in my STEM students!"
  • "I am jazzed about the change I am envisioning! I can't wait to be more inquiry-minded and start using PBL to engage my students with the real world!"