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Center for Professional Development

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Business Writing

Hone your business writing skills and elevate your professionalism

Friday, March 25th, 2016 8:30am-4pm

Ruffatto Hall, room 105 - The University of Denver Morgridge College of Education

1999 E. Evans Ave, Denver, Colorado 

$200 a person, maximum of 25 participants 

Thank you for your interest in this event, but online registration is now closed and the course took place in 2016. Interested in attending another session? Please email

Join Allison Friederichs, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and an assistant professor at the University of Denver’s college of professional and continuing studies, University College. Expand your business writing skills and prepare for professional tasks with this full day workshop. Allison delivers expertise and techniques to increase your writing ability, confidence, and finesse.


Are you experiencing resistance to your ideas at work? Do your colleagues often respond to your emails or memos in ways that surprise you? Perhaps your written communications are holding you back. Join Dr. Allison Friederichs in this one-day workshop as she not only reveals the issues that may be plaguing your written efforts, but also shares tips and tricks for consistently creating effective, actionable communications. Start the day with a basic grammar refresher—however, this is not like the grammar you learned in school. Dr. Friederichs makes it fun with real-world applications and easy-to-remember techniques. (She recently helped a woman whose misplaced comma caused a week of drama in the office.) Then, move into the more subtle art of impactful writing techniques, covering clarity, tone and style. Are you sharing your ideas with clarity or burying them in unnecessary details? Is your tone professional and sophisticated or arrogant and off-putting? Many people don’t realize that the tone or clarity of their written communications can make the difference between a great idea moving forward or facing resistance. Dr. Friederichs teaches you an effective yet easy-to-implement 3-step process for the effective construction of business documents, and she’ll also share tips on writing for difficult situations. Come away with the confidence that you can communicate your ideas effectively, knowing your words won’t hold you back! 


This workshop has two main objectives:

  • To enhance participants' understanding of common issues that detract from effective business writing
  • To teach participants specific tactics to improve their business-writing skills


Allison collaborates with faculty, academic directors and other internal stakeholders to deliver a high-quality, value-driven academic experience to busy adults pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees and certificates. Allison has taught communication courses for more than a decade at a wide array of institutions including the University of Denver, Regis University and University College. In addition to teaching, Allison works as a curriculum design consultant, and her work has appeared in several publications, most recently The Chronicle of Higher Education. She is the recipient of an outstanding teaching award from the International Communication Association and has earned University College's Master Teacher designation for continued professional development. In addition to her role in academia, Allison is a communication consultant, providing training across sectors from government to small businesses in areas such as business-writing and communication skills. Allison is a member of the Women’s Leadership Council of the University of Denver and the Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce.

For registration and information contact the Center for Professional Development at  or 303-871-4161