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STEM Summer Institute 2017

Presented by: STEMinspired in partnership with Adams 12 Five Star Schools and DU's Center for Professional Development

With so much buzz about STEM education - you don't want your students to be left behind! Are you interested in implementing the latest in STEM education and problem based learning (PBL) in your school? If so - we have the perfect professional development opportunity for you!

Join us for a week of immersive STEM education training to learn the best in STEM and PBL from the experts, Adams 12 Five Star Schools and the STEMinspired network.

Monday, June 12 - Friday, June 16, 2017
Optional add-ons available on Saturday, June 10 and mentorship for 17/18 school year
8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. each day

Morgridge College of Education, Ruffatto Hall
University of Denver (map)
1999 East Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 80208

$575 per educator for the week
- Silicon STEM Academy Saturday STEM workshops available for $75
- Mentorship for 17/18 school year available for $500 per team
Lunch is on your own.
Parking permits can be purchased for $60 for the week.

This Institute is being offered for 4.0 CEUs. CEUs are transcripted through the University of Denver and can be obtained via the University's Registrar's Office after the Institute concludes. If you prefer Professional Development Hours (or a different form of continuing education) – please email

Thank you to everyone that attended STEM Summer Institute 2017!

Read the Full Course Description

This Institute is designed to teach administrators and teachers how to successfully prepare students for 21st century workforce. You'll learn the importance of having all your students be well-grounded in skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking, no matter the age of the student or subject you're teaching. Through the STEM model, all students K-12 apply the principles of mathematics and science and use technology to accelerate ideas, all in a collaborative effort to imagine and create innovative solutions to real-world problems.

After this Institute, you and your team will be able to:

Engage in problem based learning: Where students use inquiry and collaboration to create solutions to authentic problems, such as a bridge collapse or increasing warning times for natural disasters.
Give students a compass: Focus each student's plan on achieving the essential learning outcomes and assess progress and connect knowledge with choices and action in school and life to sustain post-secondary workforce readiness (via college or vocation), and inspire global and civic knowledge and competence through engagement.
Teach the arts of inquiry and innovation: Immerse all students in analysis, discovery, problem solving, communication and creativity in meaningful content and context.
Engage in the big questions: Teach through the curriculum to far-reaching issues -contemporary and enduring - in science and society, culture and values, global interdependence, the changing economy, and human dignity and freedom.
Foster civic, intercultural and ethical learning: Emphasize personal and social responsibility in every field of study, including mutual thoughtfulness, courage and cultural and humanistic literacy. 

Learning Objectives
  1. Demonstrate understanding of STEM components.
  2. Articulate and employ instructional strategies and tools that support STEM education.
  3. Plan and implement problem-based learning. 


Does your entire team want to attend? We have group discounts! Please contact Kellie Lauthor or Center for Professional Development for more information.

For questions and information contact the Center for Professional Development at  or 303-871-4161

STEM Institute Testimonials - STEMinspired

I found this week's experience engaging, captivating and motivating. I found myself curious about the problem beyond the scope of our work. My curiosity sparked a desire to find out more and I want to cultivate this in my STEM students!

Experiencing a PBL with a team gave me a sense of the steps that are required of students.

I appreciated the discussion about the difference between integration and transdisciplinary. It was a conversation that helped me grow professionally and understand PBL more. I also learned a lot in regards to really wrapping my brain around PBL and its process.

I haven't felt this excited about teaching in at least a decade. I hope that I can have a fraction of the success that has been presented in the past five days!

I've always prided myself on keeping my classroom relevant. This takes relevance to a whole new level!

I am jazzed about the change I am envisioning! I can't wait to be more inquiry-minded and start using PBL to engage my students with the real world!

My STEM classroom will be embedded in real world problems. This will reframe the standards and content that must be learned in a way that is meaningful, authentic, and real. This excites me knowing that students will still be learning what is required by Colorado, but in a way that is innovative and engaging.

The PBL process will make me a better STEM teacher. In other words, I will be more engaged and ready to teach with purpose, thus meeting the needs of all my students.

STEM is not so much about learning small, minuscule facts or trying to cram in as much material - it's about learning skills and introducing students to real-world experiences. It's also about taking risks and not always knowing what you will be doing from unit to unit, since it needs to be based around current issues and what is engaging for students. This is exciting for me since, though I am a total planner, there needs to be flexibility in planning to be authentic.