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Center for Professional Development

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The Little Business Shop Series

With Christina Lohman

DU's Center for Professional Development is proud to present courses on Ideas to Income, Automate with QuickBooks Online, and How Much Can I Afford to Pay Someone? - a Business Building Blocks series of workshops led by Christina Lohman. 

Register for each course individually or take advantage of the special bundle price for all three courses.

Bundle Price:
$299 Professionals
$269 DU affiliates (Faculty, Staff and Alumni)

Email to be the first to know when registration is available!

The individual courses are:

How Much Can I Afford to Pay Someone? Information

How Much Can I Afford to Pay Someone? 

Dates coming soon! Click to be notified.

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

University of Denver Campus

$89 Professionals
$79 DU affiliates (Faculty, Staff and Alumni)

This conference offers 3 Contact Hours credits

Email to be the first to know when registration is available!

Course Description:

Your business has grown enough to hire an employee! Congratulations! Now comes the hard part: how much can you afford to pay this new hire? Many new business owners make the mistake of looking at the money they have "left over" each month and assume that they can turn that amount into a monthly salary. But they're wrong, and only months later will they realize that this new employee is costing much more than they anticipated and – worse – the business may be in trouble with the IRS.

Join Christina Lohman, independent bookkeeper, as she explains all of the decisions you should make before hiring your first employee. Lohman starts by creating an Excel spreadsheet in class (follow along on your own laptop or just observe and ask her to send it to you later) so that she can walk you step-by-step through all of the local, state and federal taxes that will impact your payroll. Using this spreadsheet, you'll see that offering a monthly salary of $3,000, for example, may actually cost your business $3,360 or more. Learn how to manipulate the numbers to arrive at a salary your business can afford. Next, Lohman explains how you can use your payroll system to help track everything (rather than an Excel spreadsheet) using QuickBooks Online integrated payroll or Intuit Online Payroll. She'll discuss the pros and cons of both systems so that you can make the best choice for your business. Finally, just because you can hire someone doesn't mean that you know the going rate for the skills you're seeking. Lohman explains why and how you should start with a solid job description and then research salaries that others are being paid for similar work in your area.

Come away with a clear understanding of what it means financially to your business as you hire your first employees.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn:

  • How local, state and federal taxes impact payroll through a manual payroll run
  • What factors to consider when hiring an employee to determine a fair wage
  • How payroll systems automate the manual entry of payroll to eliminate costly errors
From Idea to Income: Launch Your New Business Right! Information

From Idea to Income: Launch Your New Business Right!

Date Coming Soon

University of Denver Campus  

$59 Professionals
$49 DU affiliates (Faculty, Staff and Alumni)

This conference offers 2 Contact Hours credits

Email to be the first to know when registration is available!

Course Description:

You have a talent, a value-add, a product! And now you want to bring it to the masses. Don't make the mistakes that many small business owners make as they launch their new endeavor, jumping willy-nilly into the sales process before building a strong financial platform. Instead, start with these fundamental best practices: file your business with the state, register with the IRS, set up your business bank accounts and lay the groundwork for your sales income. If you do it correctly today, you won't have to fix it later when you're a huge success!

Join Christina Lohman, independent bookkeeper who has helped many businesses clean up their finances years after they launched, as she guides you step-by-step through the relatively simple yet often overlooked first steps in launching your business. First, Lohman shows you how to register your new business with the State of Colorado and helps you to consider what type of business you should launch: LLC, S Corp or Sole Proprietor. Which one will give you the most risk protection? Next, learn about the importance of setting up a separate business bank account for your new entity and what kind of incentives or restrictions you might expect from your bank. Also, Lohman explains how to register your entity with the IRS and why that is extremely important before accepting your first sale. Finally, Lohman shares cautionary tales of other new business owners who had great ideas, set everything up properly, but when they found their first sale, they had no way to receive the money their client paid them! Learn how to establish your sales funnel, financially speaking, so that your books stay in order (and your quarterly and annual tax seasons are a snap)!

Set your business up for long-term success with a solid financial foundation! (Participants in this course might also consider taking Lohman's QuickBooks course.)

This course will run approximately two hours and participants do not need to bring a laptop.

Learning Objective: 

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Register their entity to do business in the State of Colorado
  • Easily set up business bank accounts
  • Register with the IRS
  • Lay the groundwork to begin accepting money from sales
Automate Your Accounting with QuickBooks Online Information

Automate with QuickBooks Online with Chistina Lohman and the Little Business Shop

Date Coming Soon

University of Denver Campus

$189 Professionals
$169 DU affiliates (Faculty, Staff and Alumni)

This conference offers 7 Contact Hours credits

Email to be the first to know when registration is available!

Course Description: 

You've registered your business with the State of Colorado and the IRS, and you've set up a business bank account. (You haven't!? Check out our class titled "Idea to Income," to learn more.) Now, you need to set up your bookkeeping system, but it feels like such an intimidating process. What if you do it wrong and it impacts everything from your invoices to your taxes?

Join Christina Lohman, independent bookkeeper, as she first teaches you the fundamentals of bookkeeping and accounting. When you move into QuickBooks Online, you will do a much better job of keeping your financials accurate if you fully understand the meaning behind what you're doing. Lohman explains how numbers flow through an accounting system to produce financial statements, such as profit-and-loss or balance sheet. Armed with this deeper understanding of accounting basics, Lohman helps you to set up your business's books properly in QuickBooks Online. Using a laptop that you bring, connected to the University's Wi-Fi, you will establish a QuickBooks Online user account, link the account to your online bank account, and begin the process of adding customers, recording transactions and more. Lohman also shares the "magic tools" within QuickBooks that will enable you to eliminate tedious manual data entry, such as how you can take pictures of receipts and synch them up with your register. Additionally, Lohman explains the "big picture" of QuickBooks, helping you to see it as an operating system for your business, not just a financial system. For example, you can plug your CRM into QuickBooks, use it for time sheets and invoicing, and much more. (Say goodbye to all of those Word and Excel files you currently use.) Finally, learn best practices for managing your QuickBooks platform using best practices and optimal work flow processes to keep your books up-to-date and accurate. Lohman will even show you how to add her as an "authorized administrator" on your account so that she can answer future questions you may have.

Come away with a well-established QuickBooks Online account and the skills to use it properly!

(This course is not appropriate for people who already have a QuickBooks account and need help troubleshooting. This is only for people who do not have a QuickBooks account or for relatively new businesses that want to start completely over with a clean slate.)

Learning Objectives:

Participants in this course will:

  • Setup QuickBooks Online for their business
  • Learn the magic tools within QuickBooks to eliminate manual data entry
  • Understand the optimal workflow on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate financials
Christina Lohman
Find out more about her work 

Christina a Colorado native graduated from the University of Denver in 2009 with a degree in Finance and Marketing. Immediately after graduation she started her first business and quickly became obsessed with turning her ideas into income. A serial entrepreneur and idea enthusiast, Christina has a passion for helping people work for intention rather than obligation. Through her 10 years of experience working in and for small businesses she has seen the importance of financial foundations and financial literacy.

"Money is not the most important thing, but it allows us to do the most important things."

It is for this reason Christina has committed her life to educating and empowering small business owners to take control of their finances and financial decisions.

For questions contact the Center for Professional Development at  or 303-871-4161

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