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Teachers | Educational Mastery


Teachers | Educational Mastery

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Leading from Within

Leading From Within: Building Leaders from the Inside-Out
Back by popular demand! This personal empowerment workshop is designed to help you become the authentic leader you were meant to be. Develop a new self-awareness of your leadership ability and gather the tools and resources for leading with purpose, passion, and integrity.


STEM Summer Institute
Back for another year! Are you interested in implementing the latest in STEM education and problem based learning (PBL) in your school? We have the perfect professional development opportunity for you!


Design Thinking and Innovative Mindsets Institute
Looking to implement a culture of innovation and creative discovery in your classroom? This institute will help you learn to leverage deign thinking to its fullest and fill your school with students who can think critically and staff who take risks.


Beyond Theory

Beyond Theory: Proven Practices in EdTech
Explore how education technology can be integrated into your learning environments to increase student engagement. Participants will leave with a deeper knowledge of relevant educational technology and how to implement it in the classroom.

Evidence-Based Practice with Diverse Children and Adolescents

Evidence-Based Practice with Diverse Children and Adolescents
This workshop will provide psychologists with the knowledge and skills to deliver evidence-based and culturally competent care when conducting assessments and providing treatment to children and adolescents and when engaging diverse families in clinical services..