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Center for Professional Development

Teach for Us

Teach for Us

Thank you for your interest in joining this nationally-recognized cadre of faculty experts, our CPD team.  CPD prides itself in recruiting the best faculty from around the country, all of whom share a commitment to teaching their colleagues. Our focus on INTERPROFESSIONAL education sets us apart and you can expect the richest experience in the classroom.  As a member of the CPD team, you’ll expand your professional network by connecting with other instructors, faculty, students and industry leaders. In addition to earning a teaching stipend, you’ll receive a 25% discount on CPD classes each year while teaching with us.


Teach a course on your schedule. Our programs are designed for active professionals with evening, weekend, and online courses. Our courses can be scheduled on our Denver campus or at any one of dozens of community  partner sites around the state. CPD can host a course at your office too. CPD’s commitment to building the best faculty roster includes an appreciation of the necessary investment—faculty stipends begin at $150/hour for every teaching hour.


  1. What is the faculty stipend for each class?
    We would like to never go below $150/hour (that may depend on #3 below—if a faculty member wants to hold a smaller class for example).  Once we have a sense of the demand and related expenses, we can adjust the faculty stipends higher each time. Wearing my own educator hat, my objective is to build a platform for people (like me) who love to teach to get paid well to do it—all without hassling with student records or credit cards or space rentals, etc. 
  2. Do you need a certain number of participants to confirm a class?
    We need to cover our expenses (your stipend and catering for example) assuming that the university overhead is half of our tuition dollars. 
  3. How far in advance will you confirm/cancel classes?
    This is a great question and we are really flexible and committed to helping you and the students have a non-frustrating experience—typically we’d like to hit our numbers before one week out from the class.  If we’re close (let’s say there are 8 people registered for a full day class that needs 10 people to ‘go’), we can make a decision to proceed and accelerate marketing that week or we can run a class with only a few students if we change the faculty stipend.   
  4. What is the process for logistical arrangements (i.e. seating set up, refreshments, if any, etc.)?
    We’ll make sure that the room is ready and you can make any seating changes you like during the day.  If you would like to include lunch or coffee/tea, we plan that in advance with our campus catering company.  We will advertise that in your course description and adjust our cost projections.
  5. Do you copy materials for us? If so, what is the time frame to send materials to you for copying?
    We are happy to make copies with one week notice and also encourage you to consider electronic distribution of materials as well.  If there are other course materials (e.g. text books or journals), we can list those as prerequisite purchases on your course description and include a link to the vendor.


Please email [email protected] or call 303-871-4161 with questions and then email [email protected] the following:

  1. Course proposal including class outline or syllabus (include optional items like supply list, estimated materials fee, textbooks, etc.)
  2. A Short bio ‘blurb’ (less than 200 words) detailing your expertise, a quality headshot photo and a copy of your most recent CV or resume.