Public Health at DU

Public Heath at DU

Broadening Our Approach

COVID-19 remains with us, but unlike at the start of other quarters, we have effective interventions and treatments. Current dominant variants are also less severe—with fewer hospitalizations and deaths. With high vaccination rates, over 95% on campus, we are seeing more individuals take personal responsibility for their health and the health of others. As the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidance shifted oversight of the health and wellbeing of people back to individuals, the University's role is evolving to support personal responsibility. This shift allows DU to focus on other public health challenges like mental healthsuicide prevention, and monkeypox readiness.  

COVID-19 Updates for Fall 2022 Quarter

The COVID-19 pandemic has been emotionally and physically exhausting. Our community experienced illness and loss. At the same time, DU created a vast network of responses to protect the community. We built a PCR testing lab on campus and enlisted National Jewish Health to make vaccinations readily available to the entire DU Community and the public. As we transition in our approach to managing COVID, we aim to retain the insights and achievements we acquired over the last two years.   

Recently, CDC guidance changed, and we use the CDC as our guidepost. In preparation for the Fall quarter, we will still retain our unique strategies that have yielded excellent results, namely testing and tracing.  We will also remain ready to return to previous protocols if COVID-19 conditions change.  

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