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July 8, 2020: We are honored to be selected by Simon & Schuster as a program recipient for The Carolyn Kroll Reidy Memorial Scholarship. Beginning in 2021, one applicant to the Denver Publishing Institute will be awarded a full scholarship covering tuition, room and board. This scholarship is specifically intended for candidates from historically underrepresented groups in the publishing industry, and the recipient will be chosen based on financial need and academic merit. Read more about the scholarship in Simon & Schuster's press release, issued on July 8, 2020.

Simon & Schuster's Press Release

June 10, 2020: Denver Publishing Institute Statement on Recent Events

Denver Publishing Institute: July 12 - August 7, 2020

The Denver Publishing Institute is the ideal launching pad for your career in book publishing. During four weeks, it will introduce you to the exciting and ever-changing world of book publishing. The course will provide a solid educational foundation and an excellent network for your subsequent job search.

The Institute is taught by industry professionals who work at trade, university, textbook, and small independent publishers throughout the country as well as in New York.Our graduates go on to publishing careers around the country and the world. You'll find some of our recent graduates at HarperCollins; Penguin Group; Oxford University Press; Chicago Review Press; Sourcebooks, Inc; Pearson; McGraw-Hill and many more.

Denver Publishing Institute Moves ONline for SUmmer 2020

In response to COVID-19 and current circumstances, the University of Denver's Publishing Institute (DPI) will move to an online program for the Summer 2020 session.

Most of the program remains unchanged. Students will be taught by the same group of industry leaders, have access to the same robust curriculum devoted entirely to books, and complete the same assignments. Students will still earn six graduate-level quarter credit hours upon graduation. Tuition for the course will be $4810.

The course dates remain the same (July 12–August 7), and students can expect course programming each day of the week (Monday through Friday). While the majority of the classes will be taught live, utilizing both lecture and small group formats, the online format allows for pre-recorded sessions that students may view when it is most convenient to them.

We at DPI take pride in providing opportunities for our students to network with industry leaders. We are enhancing that offering by taking advantage of technology to enable our incoming students to network with DPI graduates currently working in publishing across the country. This new approach is designed to ensure graduating students have all the tools necessary to enter a post-COVID-19 workforce that is likely to be much more virtual than was previously the case.

What do graduates say about the program?

Publishing Institute grads"DPI is the best decision I ever made. It was life-changing, and I'll never forget it."

"The DPI was an immensely valuable experience. The program itself was very well-run and organized. Each of the speakers added to the Institute. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I've learned so much and I'll take with me knowledge of publishing that will stay with me forever."

"My experience thus far as an editorial assistant has truly been a dream come true; the job is incredible, just what I hoped it would be... I have absolutely relied on what I learned in Denver to keep my head above water-- and I am absolutely confident that without DPI I would never have gotten the initial interview and certainly not the job. I will always be grateful to you and the program for the most valuable four weeks of my post-graduate life."

Who should apply?

  • College graduates seeking their first job in publishing
  • Career-changers interested in opportunities in the field
  • Those presently working in publishing who seek a broader view than a specialized job can provide
  • Librarians interested in knowing more about the industry that provides them with their books
  • Publishers, or students, from abroad who want to find out how it is done in the United States