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Financial Aid

Because students in the Denver Publishing Institute program are non-degree seeking, federally-funded financial aid—including loans—is not available. If you need financing for the program, you may consider applying for a private education loan through a bank or credit union.

Not all lenders offer education loans to students in non-degree seeking programs. When shopping for a loan, be sure to ask the lender if their product is available to non-degree seeking students before submitting an application for the loan.

Although the amount you'll be billed for this program is $4,830, you can apply for a private loan for up to $7,162. This number includes the cost of tuition and fees, as well as indirect costs that are not charged by DU. Any amount you borrow above $4,830 will be sent directly to you in the form of a refund for you to use as you wish. Additional information about what cost of attendance means is on the financial aid website.

Direct Costs:         
(billed by DU)       Tuition                  $4,806
                           Fees                     $24
                           Subtotal:              $4,830

Indirect Costs:
(not billed by DU)  Books                   $111
                           Housing & Meals   $1,876
                           Personal Expenses $160
                           Transportation      $185
                           Total Cost of Attendance: $7,162

On your application, the loan period should be 7/11/21-8/6/21. Approved funds will disburse your DU student account on 7/1/21 to pay toward your charges.

> Learn more about private loans

You may also contact the University of Denver Financial Aid office by phone at (303) 871-4020, or by email at .