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Denver Publishing Institute

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Career Guidance

Let the Publishing Institute help you to build a career

Throughout the program, students will find opportunities for career guidance. Human resource specialists will answer questions and provide practical guidance on how to go about the job search, and how to prepare resumes. Often, before students leave Denver in August, they have already made valuable connections with the Institute faculty, their fellow students, and the publishing world at large.

A network of publishing executives

During the four weeks of the Institute, opportunities abound for students to interact with the many publishing executives who come to Denver from all over the country. Faculty members join students at lunch, providing a chance to talk one-on-one, and each week, after hours gatherings on the campus lawns provide a more casual setting in which students might ask the questions they were reluctant to pose during official class hours. These are just a few ways that our students form invaluable connections with the industry's influential leaders.

How to get a job: resumes, interviews and networking

The University of Denver Career Services Office will hold a workshop during the first week with a focus on networking and using LinkedIn.  An additional session with tips on resumes, interviews, and making job connections will take place the third week of the program. This session will be led by Susan Gordon, President, Lynne Palmer Recruitment Agency.

Mock interviews and career consultations

During the last week of the Institute, a day is set aside for mock interviews with a host of individuals from the book industry. Every student will have a practice interview to experience the process. Individuals working in varying areas of the publishing industry will hold informational and job-specific consultations. Opportunities will be posted the third week of the Institute.

Job postings

Job notifications are sent out to students throughout the Institute.  Upon graduation, students will continue to receive job notifications via email for as long as they choose to remain on the distribution list.

A network of Publishing Institute alumni

Once you graduate from the Publishing Institute, you join a loyal group of alumni who are dedicated to helping you find your place in the publishing world. We maintain a database of graduates that goes back to 1976 and can pull contact lists for networking purposes. We share the information of consenting alumni only.