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All sessions are conducted by top professionals from the world of book publishing. During the last week of the Institute, Career Counseling and Guidance Sessions are offered.

Lauren Salas"The Denver Publishing Institute gave me a path and a plan. I knew I wanted a career in publishing but didn't know where to start. The speakers and sessions helped me figure out my strengths and find my focus. After four valuable weeks, I left with a wide-ranging knowledge of the publishing landscape and a network of new friends and contacts. I credit the Institute for leading me to a job I love.

What I loved best about the Denver Publishing Institute is that it gives you the whole picture. It shows you that book publishing takes many forms and includes many different roles. You're guaranteed to come out of the program with new insights and a great foundation for your future." - Lauren Salas, Senior Promotions Manager, The University of Chicago Press, DPI '08 Graduate