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Not only do students learn what is involved in editing and marketing, they also have a chance to try their hands at performing the tasks they are hearing about in class. Through this experience, students develop a clear sense of their strengths and their career directions. During the workshops lecturers and leaders provide explicit feedback and professional guidance.

Editing Workshop

Using an actual manuscript from a leading publisher, students learn editorial skills such as preparation of a reader's report, substantive manuscript editing, copy editing, and proofreading. The workshop is directed by Karl Weber, President, Karl Weber Literary and Nan Gatewood Satter, independent book editor. Special sessions on copyediting and proofreading will be conducted by editor Carolyn Sobczak.

Marketing Workshop

Students gain practical experience in writing sales copy, including publicity releases and advertisements. They also develop a total marketing plan, again using an actual manuscript from a leading publisher. Marketing week is directed by Erin Cox, Public Relations and Marketing Consultant, ELC Productions; Literary Agent, Rob Weisbach Creative Management; former Publicist with Scribner/Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins.


Short micro-workshops give the students an interactive experience with targeted acquisitions and formulating the book concept. Specific micro-workshops include university presses, children's books, book packaging and independent publishing.