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Office of the Registrar

Tuition Refund and Late Registration Fee Schedules

Autumn Quarter 2013 Late Registration Fee Schedule

The Late Registration Fee is not applicable to non-degree, special status students, or students admitted to the College of Law (semester), Graduate Tax Program, Colorado Women's College and University College. Refer to Late Registration Fee on this website for more information.

All students who have not registered prior to September 8, 2013 will be assessed a late registration service charge.

  • Sunday, September 8-Last day to register without a late fee
    NOTE: This deadline applies to students enrolling in independent study, research or continuous enrollment hours.
  • $25 September 9
  • $50 September 10
  • $100 beginning September 16
Fees are not assessed for dropping and adding courses; the late registration fee is only applied to students who do not enroll in any courses prior to the first day of the quarter (first day of classes).

Autumn Quarter 2013 Tuition Refund Schedule

This refund schedule may not apply to 5 week sessions, College of Law (semester), or University College.

  • 100% through September 15
  • 75% September 16-22
  • 50% September 23-24

Autumn Quarter Tuition Rates

Detailed tuition and fee information for all colleges, schools and programs at the University of Denver is available at Registrar Office Web Site's Registration Section.

The Autumn Quarter 2013 hourly credit hour rate is $1,104 for most undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. With the exception of Daniels College of Business graduate students, who pay the hourly tuition rate of $1,104 per credit hour, tuition is $13,248 for students enrolled from 12-18 quarter hours (flat rate). Students will not receive tuition refunds when they drop courses if they remain registered in 12 through 18 quarter hours. Students eligible for the 12-18 hour flat rate who register over 18 hours will be charged $13,248 plus $1,104 for each credit hour over 18. Tuition for hours over 18 is not waivable or reversible -- regardless of program or program requirements.