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Office of the Registrar

Classroom Scheduling

The Office of the Registrar's Scheduling and Catalog Coordinator schedules general academic classrooms and auditoriums for courses and other department-sponsored events. For a list of spaces scheduled by the Office of the Registrar, see our Room and Building Information page.

Requesting space for a class

Faculty are responsible for submitting room requests for their courses' primary meeting spaces to their departmental representative. Requests for pre-assignments and room requirements must be submitted by departmental assistants approximately six to eight weeks before priority registration opens each academic term.

Please note: The Scheduling and Catalog Coordinator cannot take initial room requests directly from instructors; they must come from the academic department(s).

Departments should send room requests for courses in writing via inter-campus mail, fax (ext. 14300) or email to the Scheduling Coordinator in the Office of the Registrar.

Every request should include all of the appropriate information as outlined in the Course Proposal and Class Schedule Instructions. Specifically, include the course reference number (CRN), subject, course number, title, meeting days and times, and maximum enrollment.

Any special needs of instructors should be noted on the room requests submitted so that they can be considered in the classroom scheduling process.

For additional information about class scheduling, please see the Class Scheduling and Classroom Assignment Policy.

Interested in hosting an event on campus? Visit the event scheduling information page.