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ADMN-0100 – Jeffco Turnaround Success: LTW  (ADMN_100 JCPS)

The University of Denver’s, Turnaround Success Program integrates design thinking with improvement science as a means to design and accelerate improvement efforts that will lead to increased outcomes for students and leadership capacity to create and sustain productive system level change.

Theory of Action: If we build capacity within a school to use a design process to deeply examine problems of practice, ideate potential solutions and implement actions that are monitored through an improvement science framework (PDSA) then schools will develop patterns of behavior, strategies and tools that will be sustainable over time and adaptable to new problems. Our program works to equip school leaders with a proven and repeatable problem solving protocol. Design thinking combines creative and critical thinking that allows information and ideas to be organized, decisions to be made, situations to be improved, and knowledge to be gained. We provide school leaders with a mindset focused on data informed and user centered solutions.

Over the course of the year, DU will host a series of 6 workshops on our integrated model of Design Thinking and Improvement Science to provide a knowledge base for 2-4 key stakeholders at your school. These workshops will also provide an opportunity for your school team to engage and learn from other school teams in a networked improvement community. Our philosophical approach to change deliberately, yet with urgency, builds sustainability by expanding leadership in the school and leveraging the insights and strengths of students, teachers and communities.

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