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CPDDU-0048 – Practical Aspects of Innovation (CPDDU-0048_INNOV)

Practical Aspects of Innovation

Join teacher and executive Travis White to learn how to improve your return on innovation investment by addressing each of the following in your organization:
  • Design thinking: How to design solutions that work
  • Analyzing customer needs: When can customers help you design new products and when can’t they? What can you do when your customers are out of ideas?
  • How to have a good idea: Where do good ideas come from? How can you rearrange your thinking—and your office—to stimulate more good ideas?
  • What to do when you have too many good ideas: How do you manage a company in which you have more good ideas than resources to implement them?
  • Redesigning your business: How to design organizational structures that stimulate innovation while minimizing cultural clash between “mainstream” and “innovative” segments of your business.
  • Disruptive innovations: How to spot and deal with innovations that could kill your business.
Using discussion, case studies, and hands-on exercises, Travis will focus on the practical aspects of innovation, sharing a variety of tools and techniques, many of which you can implement immediately.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Identify opportunities for change.
  • Create an environment that stimulates innovation.
  • Implement innovative ideas that lead to positive results.
This course offers 7 CE hours

One Session
Saturday, April 13, 2019
9:00 AM – 4:30 PM (30 minute lunch on your own)
DU Campus

Cost: $250
Discounts (use code when registering):
DU Affiliates (alumni, faculty, staff): 10% off - code: CPDUCOL10
Students: 15% off - code: CPDUCOL15


As a teacher, executive, blogger and consultant, Travis White has worked in marketing and organizational development since 1978. As an executive, he has helped lead companies through myriad transitions including mergers, acquisitions, technology migrations, spin-offs and IPOs. He has held C-level positions at several technology companies, including J.D. Edwards, Lawson Software, Datria and Solbourne Computer. Travis produces articles on strategy, innovation, branding and critical thinking for his website, He holds a PhD in Information Science and Education from the University of Denver where he is now an adjunct faculty member.
Course Details
Location: University ParkMode of Study: In-personPlaces Left: 30Waitlist Places Left: 15Fee: $250


Days of the WeekStart DateEnd DateTimeVenueInstructor
Saturday13th April 201913th April 201909:00AM - 04:30PMN/AN/A