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ENRICH-0045 – Phil/Ethics: Authentic, Radical Leadership (ENRICH-0045_LEAD)

The Virtues of Authentic (i.e., Radical) Leadership

Considering the proliferation of books written on the topic of leadership, does anything more really need to be said? Buie Seawell believes that it does. After a lifetime of teaching and reflecting on what it means to be an authentic leader—in the Church, in Politics, in Business and Academia—Buie distills that life-long enterprise and reflection into four lectures: 1) Justice: Not simply a virtue, but the very essence of all authentic leadership, whether political or corporate. Never follow anyone who seeks only some intermediate end: fame, profits, power and the like. Nothing less than radical fairness. 2) Truth: John Rawls said “truth” is the first virtue of systems of thought, but in this dishonest time it has also become the first virtue of political leadership. Authentic leaders tell it like it is. 3) Humility: Yes, one can lead from behind! Indeed, indigenous, subversive leadership may be the only effective way to change and lead large systems. Getting to the “top” today may well completely compromise any nominal leader. 4) Importunity: Defined as persistent, in-your-face directness. Large systems cannot be easily persuaded; candor and repeated direct engagement are required. Come away with new thinking on why courage, reflected in the above virtues, is essential for authentic, even radical leadership, and why this crucial attribute is lacking in American culture.

Four sessions
Wed., 6:30-8:30 pm, Sept. 13, 20, 27, Oct. 4, 2017
Location: Room 187, Sturm Hall, DU campus

(Malcolm) Buie Seawell, professor emeritus, retired as Professor of the Practice in the Department of Business Ethics and Legal Studies at Daniels College of Business in July. He holds degrees in History, Theology and Law; served as a Presbyterian minister, worked in politics, practiced law, and for nearly 25 years taught ethics, law and public policy at UCD and DU.
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